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Z Printer 3D Printers for Sale

Zprinter 3D Printers Rapid Prototyping

ZPrinter 3D printers are multi-color rapid prototyping systems

Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer Models

Z Corporation offer a number of monochrome and color 3D printers within a range of printers, rapid prototyping systems and portable 3D scanners. ZPrinter 3D printers are the fastest high-definition 3D printers available, several of which are able to product full color physical 3D models. ZPrinter printers quickly and economically turn product and building CAD designs into physical prototype color models, which speeds up the entire design process for your product.

ZPrinter printers are based on inkjet technology so they are able to produce 3D printed models 5x-10x faster than all other technologies. This allows you to produce more models from a ZPrinter, speeding up product development times.

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ZPrinter printers are able to output multicolor designs without the use of paint. Multiple print heads produce a large range of accurate and consistent colors in full 24-bit color, just like a standard 2D printer. A full color 3D prototype output from a ZPrinter gives the designer a better way ti evaluate the look, feel and style of the product.

As ZPrinter 3D printers are based on inkjet technology they are reliable and affordable, and work out to be one-fifth of the cost of other technologies. To further save money and unused material can be recycled for production of the next model, thus eliminating waste.

Z Corporation provides a number of powder/binder/infiltrant systems to satisfy different customer requirements, the main one required for their printers is called zp150. Their 3D printer materials include high-performance composites for producing strong, high-definition parts. For additional flexibility within your design process, ZPrinter printed models can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted and electroplated.

3D Rapid Prototyping Systems

Z Corporation also produce a 3D rapid prototyping system, called ZBuilder Ultra, which is able to product 3D printed models that are accurate, high-resolution plastic prototypes. The ZBuilder rapid prototyping system is able to print high-end functional prototypes for a small fraction of the unit cost of traditional stereolithography machines. Rather than ink-jet technology the ZBuilder rapid prototyping machines build parts additively using a high-resolution Digital Light Processor (DLP) projector. This DLP projector solidifies a liquid photopolymer, which results in durable plastic parts that mimic injection molding techniques that are used in manufacturing industries. The ZBuilder Ultra rapid prototyping devices build at twice the speed of machines as they image an entire cross-section at once. ZBuilders allows your design team to examine designs for form, fit and function before the move to full-scale production. This efficient process eliminates costly modifications to production tooling; and ultimately shortens the time to market.

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SOLD - ZPrinter 350 in Great Condition - $$15,000

Only used a handful of times, this printer has been well cared for and is ready for it's new home! Pickup/Delivery of the printer will be the responsibility of the b...

Z Corp 310 Plus and ZD5 Powder Recycling Station

Z Corp 310 Plus and ZD5 Powder Recycling Station - $2500

Used Z310 plus printer and de-powder station. 100% working condition. Brand new print head. Unit can be collected from our facility (no delivery charge) or delive...

Z310 3d Printer + de-powder station

Z310 3d Printer + de-powder station - $4,399

Offering a gently used Z 310 Z Printer 3d Printer and de-powder station priced at $4,399. 3d Printer was purchased from original owner who used it to patent fish...

Z450 ZPrinter

Z450 ZPrinter - $7,900 USD

Used ZPrint Z450 3d Printer available, was running until recently, 3 to choose from PRICE REDUCED ON 4/3/17

Used Zprinter 450

Used Zprinter 450 FULL Color Powder Printer - $$9000

Used Zprinter 450 Full Color Powder Printer that prints as intended. Also, included is powder, binder and ink cartridges in the printer all approx 90% full Plus de-p...

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ZPrinter 510

ZPrinter 510 with all accessories - $4100

For sale ZCorp Spectrum Z510 color powder printer. This printer looks and works like new. It is equipped with all accessories and depowdering unit. NEW PCI PCB! – ...

ZCorp Spectrum Z510

ZCorp Spectrum Z510 100% working - $4000

Printer in very good shape. All is working fine. Can provide transport and consumables. For more info please contact us by form below.

ZCorp. Z650 inside

ZCorp. Z650 Z-Printer like new! few prints! - $~15000

Printer is in perfect condition like factory new, only few prints done. Can supply in consumables for it in prices half of OEM! Price is negotiable so please send y...

Used - Zprinter 450 Full Colour 3D Printer

Used – Zprinter 450 Full Colour 3D Printer - $15000

The ZPrinter 450 is the most affordable full-color 3D printer on the market, and we are offering our used printer for half off of retail! Other 3D printers that c...

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