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Rapid Prototyping Stratasys Printers

In 1998 Stratasys invented the patented FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology which all 3D printers are now based upon. As one of the rapid prototyping industry pioneers their FDM technology is used in a range of office and manufacturing lines.

Used Stratasys Printers

Dimension Stratasys printers are a fast, low cost 3D printing system for the office user and CAD (computer-aided-design) drawings can be printed. Stratasys FDM printers work by printing layer upon layer of readily available ABS plastic until the full model is built up. A used Dimension printer provides cost-effective rapid prototyping that lets the user examine design concepts and pre-production test models before they are sent for manufacture.

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Stratasys Genisys XS printers are a fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer, which are now available on the used market.

Used 3D Systems printers utilize a software system which takes standard stereolithography CAD software (STL) files and slices and orientates the parts for printing and support structures are creates for any overhangs. To create a printed model the software sends the Dimension printer instructions as to the path that the “print” head should follow. The print head melts the ABS plastic filament and deposits the exact amount of material required to form each layer. Stratasys printer models are tough and can be sanded, milled, drilled, and painted to produce the required visual finishing.

Used 3D Systems printers are now becoming affordable for small production office use, and can be found in our classified ads priced from a few thousand dollars.

Dimension Stratasys printers are:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast, producing models in just hours
  • Ideal for your office

Stratasys FDM 3D Prototyping & Productions Systems

The Stratasys Vantage and Maxum 3D Production Systems are engineered to give larger facilities the ability to provide direct digital manufacturing and accurate rapid prototyping. FDM 3D printing systems produce workable prototype models, molds and usable parts using various quality thermoplastics. If your design or engineering company requires accurate and fast production these 3D printing & prototyping systems will not dissapoint.

FDM 3D Production Systems offer:

  • Large Build Envelopes
  • More Slice Options
  • Maximum Throughput

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Objet30 Pro v.2

Objet30 Pro v.2 with Quill Voque wash station, and controller PC + screen - $£9000.00

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Fortus 360 MC Stratasys for Sale

Fortus 360 MC Stratasys for Sale - $35000

Stratasys Fortus 360 MC Build envelope is 14x10x10 inch (355mm x 254mm x 254mm). Maintenance completed in March 2015. Comes with 4 boxes of model and support materi...

Stratasys Dimension 1200es SST

Well-Maintained Stratasys Dimension 1200es SST with Parts Washer - $13250 USD / 17750 CAD

Exclusively maintained by Stratasys directly and purchased new in late 2014. Includes soluble support solution parts washer & approx. 10 containers of P400sc sol...

Stratasys SST1200es

SST1200es Fully maintained on support contract -NEW XY axis and print head ... - $$12000

This SST1200es with soluble support has been fully maintained on a service contract with CADimensions for the life of the printer. The X-Y axis and print head were r...



2 X Stratasys Fdm Titan Build 2001 Very good service history 4 containers with polycabonate material incl usa to europe electrical box incl Also for sale per ...

Objet30 Pro v.2

Objet30 Pro v.2 with Quill Voque wash station, and controller PC + screen - $£9000.00

For sale is a Stratasys Objet30 Pro v.2 in very good condition. It has been used for the production of marketing samples and is relatively lightly used (1134 hours)....

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Dimension sst 1200es

Dimension sst 1200es - $$18,000 AUD

Used. Near new Dimension 1200es sst (includes soluble support removal system). 110 hours only (first service is due at 500 hours). Reliable machine used for 3D pri...

Objet 30

Objet 30 - $10000

Model: Objet 30 V2 (MFG 2013) Serial #: 1240195 Total Print Time: 452 Hours Stainless Steel Stand Washing Station- OEM Remaining Maintenance and Cleaning suppli...

Connex 500 – Stratasys - $Best offer

Call 812-241-5653 to ask about the connex or schedule a visit or to receive pictures. This is currently in production and being used, so it works well. We just h...

Stratasys Dimension 768 SST

Dimension 768 SST – For Parts + Ultrasonic Wash - $2500

-CALL ME!- (I may miss your text) sixtwosix-foursixsix-sixzerothreefour Up for sale is a Stratasys 768 SST with a lot of parts replaced but never gotten up and r...

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