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Objet 3D Printers for Sale

Objet 3D Printers for Sale

Objet printers are used for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing

Objet Geometries Ltd. was founded in 1998, and quickly became an innovative leader in 3D printers for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. Now Objet printers provide 3D printing systems that enable industrial designers and manufacturers to reduce the total cost of product development and dramatically reduce time-to-market of new products.

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Objet 3D printers allows users to create highly accurate and finely detailed 3D models and parts for a large range of rapid prototyping applications. Objet’s FullCure Materials are proprietary acrylic-based photopolymer materials which produces fully cured models that can be handled immediately after being printed. This gives Objet printers a unique advantage over other rapid prototyping technologies and materials, which may require lengthy finishing processes after printing.

PolyJet and PolyJet matrix technology provides a complete 3D printing solution for virtually any rapid prototyping need. Objet Studio Software ensures that your models are printed smoothly and accurately producing excellent results every time.

The Objet Eden line of FDM printers and desktop 3D printers are based on their patented PolyJet technology which is fast, quiet and without waste, making it office friendly. The Connex family of Objet printers is based on PolyJet Matrix Technology, which allows the designer to produce 3D models with multiple types of model materials simultaneously.

The following video shows how Objet 3D printer models were produced by the team behind IronMan 2 for use for design prototypes of 3D characters in the film.

Objet Connex Printers

A unique aspect of Objet’s Connex printers is is that they are able to product multi-material models based on their PolyJet Matrix Technology. The Objet Connex printers offers the completely unique ability to print parts and assemblies constructed of several different model materials, each with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single model build. To further improve on this, the Connex models can also create Digital Materials on the fly, giving designers the ability to create composite materials which have preset blends of mechanical properties.

Objet Eden Printers

The Objet Eden printers offer excellent value for money for use within rapid prototyping applications, allowing high throughput of model production. High accuracy 3D printing is achieved with ultra-thin 16µ material layers, and all Eden 3D printing systems produce models with extraordinarily fine details and smooth finished surfaces.

With a broad range of Eden 3D printer models you can choose the solution that best fits the need of your application, based on build size, productivity or budgetary requirements. The compact design and the clean process with no waste product of all Eden models makes them an ideal choice for any office environment.

Objet Desktop 3D Printers

With Objet desktop printers high resolution 3D printing with 28 micron layer thickness isn’t an expensive investment that is out of reach for all except big-budget operations. Small scale designers and engineers can create 3D models and rapid prototypes that offer the same ultra-precision details as higher end systems straight from the office desktop PC workstation.

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Objet30 Prime

Objet30 Prime - $12500 EUR

We had no luck getting business for the printer in the area we set up shop.We are closing down the company and selling the printer. It is in a great condition and ...

Objet 350 Connex

Objet 350 Connex - $23000 EUR

The Objet350 Connex bring agility and aesthetics to every stage of your product development and production. The Connex system was the first 3D printer in the world t...

Objet 260 Connex

Objet 260 Connex - $22000 EUR

Very good condition and delivery worldwide ore pike up from our shop.

Objet Eden 260

Objet Eden 260 - $€ 23.000

High precision 3D printer for industrial applications where extremely accurate 3D models need to be realized. Volume : 250x250x205 mm. Year 2007 Working Hours...

Objet 30 Prime

Objet 260 connex - $21000 EUR

The price is negotiable.It is in a great condition.Feel free to contact me if you have any questions .

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Eden 250

EXPIRED - Eden 250 - $£2500

PRINTER WAS FUNCTIONING WHEN PUT INTO STORAGE BUT COULD ALSO BE SALVAGED FOR PARTS. We’re sad to say goodbye to our Objet Eden 250. It’s served us extremely relia...

Objet Eden 250 3D Printer

EXPIRED - Objet Eden 250 3D Printer - $2,500

Objet Eden 250 with brand new mother board and low hours (under 400). Well taken care of. All original manuals and installation software included. Worked l...

Used Objet 30

EXPIRED - Used Objet 30 – Low Hours - $20000

Objet 30 Low hours. Needs a new print head = $3,500.00 cost. Will deduct from price. Cleaning system included. Email for more pictures. cnook@helixlinear.com

EXPIRED - Objet 30 - $10000 CDN

Description Objet 30, High resolution 3D printer. Over 30k to buy new, less than 200 hrs. on machine. Serious Inquiries only. Specifications System Size and Wei...

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