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Used 3D Systems Printers for Sale

Used 3D Systems 3D Printers for Sale

3DSystems line of printers covers the personal and professional markets

Used 3D Systems printers cover both the personal markets, with the RapMan and Cube, and professional markets, with the ProJet model line of printers. 3D Systems printers have been a leader in the additive manufacturing industry since their first stereolithography (SLA) system in 1986.

They are an industry leader with a large slice of the professional 3D printer market with their ProJet models that are used in many applications across multiple industries. They have also produced several printers aimed at the home user and educational markets, such as the RapMan, that are more affordably priced.

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Additive Manufacturing

Profesional level used 3D Systems printers are now appearing in the marketplace as many companies are upgrading to the latest Projet models that offer increased resolution, print sizes and types of print material. These cheap used 3D printers offer an affordable way to gain rapid-prototyping capabilities for your company.

The 3DTouch, Cube and RapMan models are starting to appear in retail channels for purchase by individuals and educational establishments who wish to learn about 3D printing and make their own objects. The RapMan is a DIY 3D Printer which comes in the form of a kit that is assembled by the end user. The 3DTouch is a pre-assembled 3D printer that sets the standard for budget 3D printing and ease of use.

The 3D Touch, Cube and RapMan printers can print in ABS and PLA material and are available in several different colors. The professional grade ProJet and sPro Laser Sintering (SLS) and Direct Metal (SLM) 3D printers allow a wide range of materials to be printed including plastics, ceramics and metals. These advanced materials allow realistic prototyping, even production level results, using 3D printing that are suitable for use in a variety of industries.

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Projet 2500 Plus

DEMO Projet 2500 Plus - $30000

Our Projet 2500 Plus DEMO machine is now on outlet. We are closing down our 3D-business. It is very well taken care of by our service engineer and it have been u...

Bundle Cube X Trio

Bundle Cube X Trio with 11 Cartridges! - $1500

BE SURE TO READ THE POST IN FULL BEFORE PURHASING THIS PRODUCT Description • Large print volume in its class (275mm x 265mm x 240mm) • Over 4,000 different color and...

Visijet PXL CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW binder 0.3L cartridges

SOLD - Visijet PXL CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW binder 0.3L cartridges - $269

For sale Visijet PXL CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW binder 0.3L cartridges, new and unopened. We offer 2 yellow (expiration date 30 Nov 2017 and 30 Apr 2018), 2 cyan (expi...

Capture Scanner

Geomagic Capture Scanner - $600.00 OBO

Capture Scanner Great working condition, lightly used, stored in original box. Does not come with scanning software. Specs: Data capture rate - 985,000 Points...

Projet 6000 Cart

3D Systems ProJet 6000 Material/Resin Carts - $$750.00 Each contact for bundle

Three(3) 3DSystems ProJet 6000 carts for sale. Clean, work great and recently PM'd. Clear resin had been used on all so no stains and ready to be used. Will work...

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Coherent AVIA Ultra 500 laser – 355nm 500mw

Coherent AVIA Ultra 500 laser – 355nm 500mw - $$6,000

This Production Laser is in good condition and perfect for upgrading an SLA 500. This unit was used on an SLA 500 at very low power. It Features a nine position inde...

Melles Griot Omnichrome Series 74 HeCd Laser 3074R-SL-A03

Melles Griot Omnichrome Series 74 HeCd Laser 3074R-SL-A03 - $$500

We have a Melles Griot Omnichrome Series 74XA Laser and Power Supply for sale. 3074-SL-A03, S/N K1162. 2.540 VDC, Output Power: 48.0 mW, with included Power Supply...

ProX 500 SLS

ProX 500 SLS - $180 000€

Complete System with ProX500 and MQC unit for postprocessing and material handling. Well working, Installed and running Today. possible to test and run.

ProJet 660

ProJet 660 - $20000

Used ProJet 660 3D printer for sale. ProJet® CJP 660Pr The ProJet® CJP 660Pro is the simplest and most efficient large-build, full-color 3D printer of its cla...

Projet 660 Pro

Projet 660 Pro - $30000 USD

Hi. I would like to sell my projet 660 pro machine which is 1.8 years used. It is in excellent condition. Ideal for making 3D figurines, architectural models, study ...

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