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Solido 3D Printers

Solido Desktop 3D Printers for Sale

Solido desktop 3D printers produce accurate rapid prototyped models

Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer Models

Solido 3D printers are the first products to market that offer design and engineering companies a easy to use and cost effective rapid prototyping system. Solido’s desktop 3D printers allow you to quickly create a solid, three-dimensional, plastic model straight from 3D CAD designs. The SD300 Pro printer is a suitable tool for use in all phases of the design cycle, from initial concept development right through to functional testing and assembly verification. This flexibility means that your company will save time and money.

The SD300 Pro makes desktop rapid manufacturing a reality and offers a low cost of ownership, with low initial 3D printer and consumable costs. Solido printers are easy to use and very reliable, and are suitable for a wide range of applications including form, fit & assembly, concept modeling, ergonomic studies, functional & presentation models and rapid manufacturing. The parts produced are strong and durable and flexibility can be built in to required areas. Solido printers are a office friendly, network compatible peripheral which connects to your network or PC workstation. Once installed it allows you to create 3D physical models directly from 3D CAD data, right at your PC workstation in your office. There is no need for any costly outsourcing in the design or production of the models so the initial outlay for the SD300 desktop 3D printer is recouped in a short time. The amount of time during product development is reduced as feedback from colleagues and customers can be gained immediately which significantly reduces product development time and costs.

Many 3D rapid prototyping systems require expensive service contracts and skilled technicians to operated, but the Solido 3D desktop printers are easy to use by anyone. The model build process needs no intervention and the consumable materials are replaced just like traditional 2D printer cartridges. During operation the SD300 3D printer creates no ambient dust or residue so there is no cleanup required after each build. Of all the desktop printers available the Solido SD300 operates just like a regular piece of office equipment.

The Solido printers utilize Plastic Sheet Lamination which produces rugged yet flexible models made out of SolidVC, a rigid PVC based plastic. The accuracy, strength and durability of the parts produced means that they can be machined, drilled, finished and painted, and they show no distortion over time.

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