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3D Printed Liquid Metal

3D Printing Liquid Metals at Room Temperature

| 3D Printer Material, Metal 3D Printing, News | July 10, 2013

North Carolina State University researchers are developing a metal 3D printing technology that can create small structures from a room temperature liquid metal. Most 3D printers can print using plastics, resins, ceramics and rubber materials. Currently the only 3D printers that can produce objects in metal use a laser sintering process to create a solid…more »

3D Printed Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

Rich Olson is a keen bike rider who is embarking on the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride in a few weeks. He thought it would be an interesting project to 3D print some bike parts that he could use on his bike for the ride. After discounting the idea of 3D printing a belt…more »

Maplin Velleman K8200

UK high-street electronics retailer Maplin has become the first major retailer in the UK to sell 3D printers in their stores. They are offering the Kelleman K8200 printer for £699.99. Maplin started out selling electronic components, such as semiconductors and switches, to electronics enthusiasts so that they could build there own electronic circuits. In recent…more »

OpenReflex 3D Printed SLR Camera

Photography has long since moved into the digital age but there are many snappers who still work with film. The problem is that most SLR cameras these days are digital as most manufacturers only produce digital SLR camera. The OpenReflex camera on Instructables was created by Leo Marius, so anyone can download the design and…more »

UK Prime Minister

British school children will learn about 3D printing and computer programming in a newly launched curriculum. From 2014 children as young as 5 will learn computer programming and older pupils will be taught how 3D printers work. The British government feel that the UK is being left behind by other countries in international education league…more »

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft have announced that Windows 8.1 will feature native support for 3D printers through an API which can be used by developers to put 3D printing straight from their applications. This was announced at the Microsoft Build Conference last Wednesday and they promised to make 3D printing as easy as printing images on paper. At…more »

Iris van Herpen 3D Printed Dress

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen showed her new Wilderness Embodied Collection on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by “Wild Nature” and featured fully 3D printed shoes as well as a hybrid 3D printed dress. The hybrid dress combines transparent stereolithography pieces and traditional dressmaking craftsmanship to produce a garment…more »


Ford have developed a machine to form sheet metal into car parts which reduces the time it takes to produce prototypes down to less than 3 days. It usually takes from two to six months to create custom prototype parts using conventional methods but Ford’s Freeform Fabrication Technology (F3T) allows for ultra-fast delivery times and…more »

3D Printed Cortex Cast

A media student from New Zealand has designed a 3D printed an exoskeletal cast that could eventually replace traditional casts made from plaster or fiberglass. Jake Evill, a media design graduate from Victoria University in New Zealand, worked with the orthopaedic department of his university to use 3D printing to create a cast which overcomes…more »

3D Printed Shoes by Iris van Herpen

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen’s Fal 2013 collection hit the Paris catwalks and featured 12 pairs of 3D printed shoes. The new collection, entitled “Wilderness Embodied”, was inspired by nature and the 3D printed shoes were designed by Dutch architect and shoe designer Rem D Koolhaas, the Creative Director and Founder of United Nude….more »

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