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3D Printed Cookie Cutter

3D Printed Cookie Cutters Make Tasty Doodles

| MakerBot, Model Making | July 17, 2013

If you like 3D printers and cookies, and let’s face it most of us do, then this new addition to the Thingiverse Customizer allows you to create 3D printed cookie cutters from your doodle drawings. Making custom cookies is a great way for your friends and family to appreciate your 3D printer. With the Cookie…more »

3DPrinted T-Rex Skulls

The 3D-REX Kickstarter project from Namisu, based in Madrid Spain, is bringing ancient fossil history to your home with this 3D printed Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. This project has already raised £3,526 ($5,300)of it’s intended £1,500 ($2,800) goal.

360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount

GoPro fans everywhere will be disappointed to hear that the 360Heros 3D printed GoPro mount has failed to reach it’s funding target of $75,000, with only just over $15,000 pledged by the funding deadline. The 360Heros was a way to capture 360° video and photos for an extremely unique view of the world. Six of…more »

Scoovo C170 3D Printer

Japanese company Open Cube Co. Ltd has just announced their new Scoovo C170 3D printer that is aimed at personal and domestic customers, and brings the idea of ‘a small workshop on the desk’ to reality. The company’s press release explains that the C170 will help schools, offices and households discover 3D printing. The enclosure…more »

Diy DLP 3D Printer Results

Instructibles user Tristram Budel decided that he needed to build his own 3D printer so that he could use it for his own projects to create the most accurate prints possible. He considered making a FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printer, ala RepRap, but found that the all worked in the same way and produced about…more »

eBay Exact App 3D Printer Marketplace

eBay has launched a new iOS app that lets you buy custom 3D printed goods direct from your phone, it’s called eBay Exact. Available from the Apple App Store the app features products from MakerBot, Sculpteo and Hot Pop Factory. Only about 20 products are available at the moment, including cell phone cases and jewelry,…more »

Aerojet Rocketdyne NASA 3D Printed Rocket Injector Assembly

NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne have successfully tested a rocket motor part which was made using additive manufacturing. The 3D printed rocket injector assembly passed a series of hot-fire tests at the Rocket Combustion Laboratory at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. The part is used to deliver liquid oxygen and hydrogen gas to an engine’s…more »

Mark Ginsberg 3D Printed Heart

When local doctors and surgeons need a 3D model of a patient’s organ to prepare for risky surgery they go to Mark Ginsberg, a jewelry store owner in Iowa City. Mark operates what he calls a “boutique” manufacturing facility located above his store that has two 3D printers. The 3D model that he is holding…more »

3D Printed Sculptures

Artist Cosmo Wenman is using his 3D printer to create copies of famous antiquities and artworks in plastic. For the last year Cosmo has been 3D scanning artwork in museums to create 3D printed versions which he hopes will help make them more accessible to the public. After visiting an artwork in a museum and…more »

Legobot 3D Printer

When engineering student Matthew Krueger couldn’t afford to buy a MakerBot 3D printer he decided to make one himself, out of Lego. After a year’s work the LEGObot was born. It only prints objects in hot glue, not ABS or PLA plastic, but Matthew does intend to experiment with printing using wax and heat-melting resins…more »

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