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Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Print OUYA Console Enclosure

MakerBot Partners with OUYA to 3D Print Console Enclosures

| Consumer Electronics, MakerBot, News | March 28, 2013

The rapidly developing world of 3D printing has merged with the latest games console designs with the news that MakerBot and OUYA have announced a partnership to allow gamers to 3D print their own OUYA cases at home. The OUYA console is taking on the big boys in the video games market, namely Sony’s Playstation…more »

Gartner Enterprise 3D Printers Cost 2000

Gartner, a IT research company, estimates that by 2016 3D printers with enterprise level features will cost less than $2,000, less than the price of a high-end PC. With the rapid advance of the technology they believe that advanced features that are currently present only on the most expensive enterprise level machines will be available…more »

3Doodler Kickstarter Funding Ends

The 3Doodler 3D printing pen has ended its Kickstarter funding with a massive $2,344,134 in pledges. With a goal of only $30,000 WobbleWorks LLC had modest ambitions for this

Olaf Diegel 3D Printed Guitars

3D printed guitars have been around for a little while, there’s even a 3D printed band, but these guitars designed by Olaf Diegel take what’s possible to another level. These professional level instruments are available to order through 3D Systems‘ Cubify 3D printing service. Olaf, a professor of mechatronics at Massey University in Aukland New…more »

3D Systems ProJet 3510 CPX

3D Systems has expanded into the jewelry market with a new deal announced last week. They are joining forces with Turkish jewelry solutions company Al-mera which will allow both companies to provide 3D printing solutions. Jewelry manufacturing using 3D printers is an area that is seeing a rapid expansion and is an industry that can…more »

3D Printing Museum in China

3D printing is now such an established technology that China has opened a 3D printing museum. The DRC Industrial Design and Creative Industry Base opened recently in Beijing and is welcoming visitors to sample what the future of manufacturing has in store. We’re not sure what exhibits could be displayed in a museum for a…more »

3D Printed Tom Tom Bracket Repair

One application where a 3D printer will prove its worth is in creating replacement plastic parts for things that have broken. This is the situation that face James Bruton when he found that his Tom Tom’s windscreen mount bracket had broken and some parts had been lost. He then decided to use his Lulzbot AO-101…more »

Waelice 3D Printed Light Sculpture

3D printing technology is finding its was into all areas, including architecture and interior design. ‘WaElice’ from French design studio nodesign is an interactive 3D printed wall lamp. The lamp consists of light modules that contain an LED and and electronic controller which allows the color and intensity of the LED’s light to be changed….more »

3D Printed Snowboard on the Slopes

For those who predict that 3D printing will replace traditional manufacturing techniques, this Signal Snowboards project might be a speed bump. They have just finished their first attempt at a 3D printed snowboard with mixed results. Snowboards are usually made of laminates, wood, resin and P-Tex but Dave Lee, Signal Snowboards’ founder, decided to test…more »

Stratasys Chocolate 3D Printer

We’ve already seen how the existing additive manufacturing big players hold many 3D printing patents which may prevent development of cheaper consumer models. In an effort to try and prevent this happening the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Ask Patents is acting together to challenge a Stratasys chocolate printing patentĀ application. EFF are saying that the…more »

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