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Liberator 3D Printed Gun

World’s First 3D Printed Gun is Test Fired

| 3D Printers, News | May 6, 2013

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson has successfully fired the world’s first fully 3D printed gun this past Sunday. The only metal components were the firing pin, a simple nail, and the bullet round itself. In March Defense Distributed were granted a licence to produce firearms and as predicted by their founder they have quickly produced…more »

DIY Built Repstrap 3D Printer

3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper, and with announcements of new machines seemingly everyday they’ve never been so accessible or affordable. But that hasn’t stopped Mario Lukas from making a 3D printer from salvaged pages. He calls it the RepStrap and it manages to print surprisingly well. He took some old printers and a…more »

Blueberries 3D Printed Bracelet

Blueberries is a joint project between Czech jewelry designer Markéta Richterová and Zbyněk Krulich, an interior and product designer. This is their first collaborate project and also one of the first to tackle 3D printed jewelry in the Czech Republic. Richterová is already known for her handmade jewelry which is made from carbon fiber, corian or…more »

3D Systems Printers

3D Systems has reported a strong increase in revenue with a 31 percent jump this quarter, with a 81 percent more printers sold during the same period. The company has benefited from increased spending in R&D and manufacturing despite some analysts saying that the 3D printing industry is over-hyped and there is little professional demand…more »

Prometheus 3D Printed Helmet Prop

Movie making is moving more and more towards the digital realm with an increasing reliance on digital effects and the emergence of digital film cameras. To stay ahead of this trend UK based film industry model-maker FBFX Ltd. used 3D printer technology when developing the helmets worn by the characters in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movie….more »

botObjects Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

So far all home desktop 3D printers will only print models in single colors, so if you want to print full color models you’ll need access to a Stratasys or 3D Systems industrial machine. The botObjects ProDesk3D is the first affordable desktop full-color 3D printer that is set to hit the marketplace later this year….more »

Staples 3D Printing Center Holland

Staples have opened their first 3D printing “Experience Center” in The Netherlands after announcing their partnership with Mcor last month. The center opened at the Staples Office Center in Almere and is the first step in a full-service 3D printing operation that the worldwide office giant will roll out across Europe. Customers will be able…more »

Angel Style Ron Arad pq 3D Printed Glasses

London based designer Ron Arad has created a “Springs” collection of 3D printed sunglasses for pq eyewear, a brand that launched in 2012. We’ve previously seen these glasses at an exhibition at London’s Fashion Space Gallery, but now the complete collection has been officially launched in Milan. The frames are made from a single piece…more »

Leonar3do 3D Modeler

In the 90′s virtual reality was the next “big thing” in the technology world but it fizzled out in the popular consciousness, but it could be given a new lease of life when combined with 3D printing. The Leonar3do virtual reality sculptor uses VR glasses and a stylus, called “the bird”, and lets the user’s…more »

3D Systems ProJet x60 3D Printers

3D Systems have just launched their next generation of full color 3D printers, the ProJet x60. The x60 range raises the bar in accurately replicating the color of 3D models when they are 3D printed, as the top-of-the-line ProJet 860Pro can print 90% of the colors available in Adobe Photoshop. There are six new 3D…more »

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