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3D Printed Hands Free Whopper Holder was a Hoax

| News | June 11, 2013

Last week Burger King revealed the “hands-free” Whopper holder which were to be given away in Puerto Rico as part of the burger chain’s 50th anniversary. A video of them being used in a variety of situations was uploaded to YouTube and the viral campaign whipped up a burger-frenzy. The contraption was said to be…more »

Made in Space Zero Gravity 3D Printer

NASA sees a future in which 3D printers escape our atmosphere are used to help astronauts on missions further into space where there is limited cargo space for equipment and resources. The duration of current manned space missions are hampered by the amount of equipment and resources that can be fired on a rocket from…more »

28 Gear 3D Printed Cube

This 3D printed geared cube was created in a single piece and demonstrates that complex objects can be 3D printed with many moving parts and that they require no assembly. The gearing is quite complex. Each of 4 sides of the cube have 7 gears, 2 large outer gears that rotate in opposite directions and…more »

360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount

A New York inventor has created the 360Heros Plug & Play mount which could revolutionize photography, or at least produce some interesting shots. Michael Kintner designed the 360Heros to hold up to six GoPro cameras which can be turned on and off by wireless remove control, making it capable of capturing full, spherical 360-degree HD…more »

Objet 3D Printed Ship in a Bottle

One of the most challenging projects for a model maker is to build a ship-in-a-bottle, which requires dexterity and many hours of patience. It’s finally complete when the masts, rigging and sails are pulled into position using tiny wires pulled through the bottle’s neck. The video below shows how time can be saved by doing…more »

Buccaneer Pirate3D Printer Kickstarter

As promised Pirate3D have launched their Buccaneer 3D printer as a Kickstarter project and they have already raised over $250,000 (at the time of writing). That’s two and a half times their initial $100,000 goal, and with 29 days to go. The Buccaneer is designed to be a low-cost machine with a high quality design….more »

Survey Copter Drone

A French manufacturer of mini-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems has recently started to use Stratasys printers to produce prototype and short-run component parts. ¬†Survey Copter is a subsidiary of one of Europe’s biggest defense company’s EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company), and they specialize in the design, production and integration of remote systems for…more »

3D Printed Liberator Gun Parts

Michigan Tech has launched the “3D Printers for Peace” competition to show that this technology can change the world, for good. As most people only know about 3D printers through the press that has been generated from the 3D printed gun created by Defense Distributed. To try and improve the public’s perception of the technology…more »

OpenBeam Kossel Pro 3D Printer

Kickstarter seems awash with 3D printer projects at the moment and the OpenBeam Kossel Pro is one of the latest. However this one sets itself apart with a unique construction technique which allows for modular flexibility in a 3D printer design. About a year ago Terence Tam had his OpenBeam Construction System project fully funded…more »

Australian Police 3D Printed Liberator Gun

Australian police from the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force have downloaded and 3D printed the Liberator gun to demonstrate its lethality to both the user and the target of the weapon. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione held a press conference to detail the findings of their experiments in creating the weapon using a readily…more »

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