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iMakr Yaya 3D Printing Pen

iMakr Brings World’s First 3D Printing Pen to Market, the Yaya3D

| 3D Printers, Model Making, Toy Making | August 13, 2013

iMakr.com has started selling the world’s first 3D printing pen that is available in the market, the YAYA 3D. The 3DYaya is basically a copy of the 3Doodler which raised well over $2million in its Kickstarter campaign. This sort of success does sometimes lead to copycats producing their own product and this seems to be…more »

3D Printed Tardis Transformer

If you’re a fan of British TV science fiction then you’ll immediately be familiar the TARDIS from the Dr. Who show. The Dr. can travel anywhere in time or space using this craft and in the TV show the TARDIS is supposed to be chameleon like, but is stuck in the shape of a 1960′s…more »

Star Trek 3DMe Figures

Cubify, 3D Systems’ 3D printing service, has launched a new Star Trek 3DMe figure printing service. The web app allows you to upload a photo of your face and then create a full-color, personalized 3D figurine of themselves in an original series uniform. Trekkies first select the type of model they’d like, one wielding a…more »

Prince Harry David Cameron Makie Dolls

The Brits have invaded NYC to promote their country with the GREAT Britain / Innovation is GREAT campaign to drum up interest in British companies and products. MakieLabs were the only British tech company invited and they handed out Makie Dolls to attendees including HRH Prince Harry and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Makie dolls…more »

3D Printed Zelda Items

A Legend of Zelda fan has modeled the game’s quest items from the original game so they can be 3D printed using the Shapeways service. 3D printers are ideal for these types of custom products which have a limited production run and would also be difficult to bring to market with other manufacturing methods. The…more »

Disney Carbon-Freeze Me 3D Printed Carbonite

Disney’s Hollywood Studios are bringing back their Carbon-Freeze Me experience to their Star Wars Weekends during May and June this year. The Star Wars franchise is all about the merchandizing, and now that Disney have taken over they have added a personalized touch for the film’s fans that can only be achieved with 3D printing….more »

Ultimaker 3D Printer Contest

Have you designed a cool toy for your kids or used your own 3D printer to print a cool toy? If so then this contest might be of interest. 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker have launched a competition to design 3D printable children’s toys. Called the Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge, entrants have the chance…more »

Barobo 3D Printed Robot

The Barobo Mobot-A is a modular robot with 3D printed components that is designed to help students learn about robotics by building a robot from its component parts. The Mobot-A kit costs $139.95 and includes the internal electronics, motors and fasteners. The electronic files for the 3D part designs, assembly instructions and student curriculum are…more »

Truggy 3D Printed Radio Controlled Car

Low cost home desktop 3D printers are helping hobbyists to explore their design and engineering ideas in their chosen field of interest. Daniel Noree from Sweden has designed an open-source radio-controlled car which he calls the Truggy, which is an off-road vehicle. The Truggy’s chassis, steering and suspension parts have been designed in TopSolid 7…more »

Play Doh 3D Printer is a Hoax

The most eagerly anticipated 3D printer in the history of the world has turned out to be a hoax. The Play-Doh 3D printer appeared on ThinkGeek on April 1st, which should have given everyone a clue. News of this awesome piece of technology spread around the 3D printing blogosphere, and most were fooled. For sale…more »

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