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3D Printed Protocell Shoe

3D Printed Shoes Made from Protocells Could Repair Themselves

| 3D Printer Material, Fashion, Sports Technology | December 18, 2013

A british designer has envisioned the running shoe of the future which is 3D printed using a synthetic material made from primitive cells. The shoe will fit like a second skin and will regenerate overnight so it will never wear out. Shamees Aden, a Masters degree student at Central Saint Martin’s University of London, has…more »

VRZ 2 3D Printed Track Bike

European product designer Ralf Holleis has completed a new version of his 3D printed track bike made using titanium lugs. The new version is even lighter than the first and features a belt drive system rather than a traditional steel chain. The original version weighed in at 5.68kg (12,49lbs) but the VRZ 2 is down…more »

Made Boards 3D Printed Surfboard

Chicago based Made Boards have launched a Kickstarter project to further develop their custom 3D printed SmartBoards, with the aim of raising $450,000. These customized sail, surf, kite and paddle boards are tailored to each owner by using their VOLUME mobile app for iOS and Android which tracks the surfer in the water. Each MADE…more »

3D Printed Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

Rich Olson is a keen bike rider who is embarking on the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride in a few weeks. He thought it would be an interesting project to 3D print some bike parts that he could use on his bike for the ride. After discounting the idea of 3D printing a belt…more »

Kappius Hub with 3D Printed Parts

Russ Kappius, an avid mountain biker, is interested in bike hubs. So much so that around four years ago he wanted to design one that would give more speed and responsiveness for the rider. After seeing a demo part from a major manufacturer that gave him an idea for an oversized hub and high-performance drive…more »

3D Printed Snowboard on the Slopes

For those who predict that 3D printing will replace traditional manufacturing techniques, this Signal Snowboards project might be a speed bump. They have just finished their first attempt at a 3D printed snowboard with mixed results. Snowboards are usually made of laminates, wood, resin and P-Tex but Dave Lee, Signal Snowboards’ founder, decided to test…more »

3D Printed Wilson Driver Head

The Wilson Golf Innovation Center makes extensive use of 3D printers to create golf club rapid-prototypes that are ¬†used by the R&D departement. Over the last couple of decades the game of golf has seen a massive increase in the amount of technology that goes into the golf club. To stay ahead of the competition…more »

New Balance 3D Printed Track Shoe Sole

New Balance is using 3D printing to create customized running cleats for its sponsored athletes. The spike plate in the above image was 3D printed using Jack Bolas’ biomechanical data from the New Balance Sports Research Lab. You can also see his name printed in the custom sole. New Balance are not the first sports…more »

Terrainator 3D Printed Mountain

If you’re a mountain climber how do you commemorate conquering a mountain? A simple photo at the top? How about creating a 3D printed model of the peak in all its glory. The Terrainator¬†is a website that gives you the opportunity to select a rocky region and get it 3D printed for around $45. Dan…more »

Nike Lebron X 3D Printed Sneaker

Like many sport’s sponsorships Nike give their sports stars input on products that bear their name. The new Nike Lebron X basketball sneaker was no exception, but this time a 3D printed prototype was created to give the design team and Lebron a better idea of what the shoe would look like. The finished shoe…more »

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