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The 3D printed nails have been designed by The Laser Girls

3D Printed Nail Art for Funky Females

| Fashion, Shapeways | January 28, 2014

Two digital artists from New York City,Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, have created a new style of nail art using a 3D printer. They operate as The Laser Girls and they have elevated the hum-drum acrylic artificial nail into something a lot more special. Their nails are designed on a computer and printed on…more »

Easton LaChappelle 3D Printed Arm President Obama

17-year old Colorado student, Easton LaChappelle, has created a 3D printed prosthetic arm which may provide amputees in developing countries with a vastly cheaper alternative to existing designs. After building a robotic hand out of Lego when he was 14 which earned him third place at the 2011 Colorado State science fair, he met a…more »

Schlage 3D Printed Key

Two MIT students, David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert, showed at the Def Con hacker conference last week how to create a 3D printed copy of any Schlage Primus key, and plan to release the software that helped them do it. After scanning a key using a flatbed scanner their software tool creates the 3D…more »

Shapeways Gold Plated Brass Skull

Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace service, has launched a new Gold Plated Brass material that is perfect for those selling jewelry designs. After launching the Premium Silver material several months ago Shapeways have upped the bling factor and produces a material that looks just like solid gold. For jewelry designers 3D printing is the perfect…more »

Makerbot Replicator2 3D Printer

Many industry commentators have said that patents are preventing advances in 3D printing, but this may change in 2014. According to Duann Scott, design evangelist at Shapeways, key patents relating to “laser sintering” held by industry giants such as 3D Systems will expire allowing other companies to develop competing machines. Currently most consumer level 3D…more »


Google are at the forefront of technology development, and have pumped millions of dollars into their Google Glass, self-driving cars and cutting-edge internet services. They also are enthusiastic about 3D printers, even giving their chefs 3D printers to create pasta. As part of Google’s Tech Talk video series they has a visit from Vladimir Bulakov…more »

28 Gear 3D Printed Cube

This 3D printed geared cube was created in a single piece and demonstrates that complex objects can be 3D printed with many moving parts and that they require no assembly. The gearing is quite complex. Each of 4 sides of the cube have 7 gears, 2 large outer gears that rotate in opposite directions and…more »

3D Printed Zelda Items

A Legend of Zelda fan has modeled the game’s quest items from the original game so they can be 3D printed using the Shapeways service. 3D printers are ideal for these types of custom products which have a limited production run and would also be difficult to bring to market with other manufacturing methods. The…more »

Pq Eyewear 3D Printed

Fashion designers are increasingly embracing 3D printing technology to create garments and accessories that can’t be produced using existing manufacturing methods. We’ve already seen Dita Von Teese wear a fully 3D printed dressĀ and a design concept for a home clothes printerĀ that could change the way we buy designer goods. To showcase what is currently possible…more »

Blender Improves 3D Printing Tools

Blender, an open-source 3D modeling application, has been updated to version 2.67 and now includes a 3D printing “Toolbox” that will help users to prepare models for 3D printing. The new toolbox consists of four main sections which cover the following aspects of 3D modeling, Statistics, Error Checking, Cleanup and Export. The Blender team have…more »

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