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Dudley, a Canadian duck, using his 3D printed leg

Dudley the Duck Gets a 3D Printed Leg

| Medical Technology, News | January 28, 2014

Dudley the duck lost part of his leg and one foot in a fight with two chickens, that cost his brother his life. After his recovery he could still swim but couldn’t walk too well. Dudley was spotted at the K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services in Sicamous Canada by mechanical engineer Terence Loring’s martial arts…more »

Eye Diagram

Researchers from the UK’s University of Cambridge have successfully 3D printed eye cells that have grown normally and can be kept healthy. It is hoped that this research will lead to a treatment for blindness in humans. The research team have shown a proof of concept, published in the journal Biofabrication, using an inkjet printer…more »

3D Printed Prosthetic Eyes

3D printing is already helping those with disabilities live better lives with 3D printed fingers and even prosthetic arms. Now British engineers from Manchester Metropolitan University and Fripp Design and Research have collaborated to 3D print realistic prosthetic eyes. “The technicality in customising an iris is very demanding and although we haven’t perfected it yet,…more »

3D Printed Human Heart

Scientists expect to to able to 3D print a human heart that could be used for transplants in the next ten years. A team led by Dr Stuart Williams form the University of Louisville have already created a coronary artery and have 3D printed some of the tiny blood vessels in the heart. One of…more »

Colin MacFuff 3D Printed Prosthetic Finger

War veteran Colin MacDuff, 41, lost most of the middle finger on his right hand in a hunting accident in 2010 and has been working towards creating a usable 3D printed prosthetic finger. Colin, who lives in Olympia, Washington, started creating a replacement finger out of old bicycle parts in his garage, including a rear…more »

Regenovo Bio 3D Printer

Researchers at Hangzhou Dianzi University in China have invented a biomaterial 3D printer called “Regenovo” which can print out human tissue cells. Xu Ming'en and his team have demonstrated the 3D printing of liver lobule (liver cells) in their lab which takes around 40 minutes to one hour. To start the printing process the Regenovo…more »

Easton LaChappelle 3D Printed Arm President Obama

17-year old Colorado student, Easton LaChappelle, has created a 3D printed prosthetic arm which may provide amputees in developing countries with a vastly cheaper alternative to existing designs. After building a robotic hand out of Lego when he was 14 which earned him third place at the 2011 Colorado State science fair, he met a…more »

Titanium 3D Printed Spinal Implant

Doctors at Peking University are using custom 3D printed titanium implants to help improve spinal surgery outcomes for patients. Over the last four years Dr. Liu Zhonggjun has been using spinal implants that are printed using an Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printer which are custom designed to fit the patients body. Traditional orthopedic surgery…more »

Richard Van As Robohand

The inventor of the Robohand, Richard Van As, has explained to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper how he came to create his 3D printed prosthetic hand. Richard lost four of his fingers in a circular saw accident in 2011, but was determined to continue work as a carpenter. “I had two problems. One, finding something…more »

3D Printing in Paper

Doctors in Belgium are using Mcor’s Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) paper-based 3D printing technology to produce accurate physical models of patients’ bone structures. These models serve as surgical guides for metal implants which results in surgery times being reduced by as much as an hour or more. Saving time during surgery is critical, so surgeons…more »

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