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The 3D printed nails have been designed by The Laser Girls

3D Printed Nail Art for Funky Females

| Fashion, Shapeways | January 28, 2014

Two digital artists from New York City,Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, have created a new style of nail art using a 3D printer. They operate as The Laser Girls and they have elevated the hum-drum acrylic artificial nail into something a lot more special. Their nails are designed on a computer and printed on…more »

3D Printed Protocell Shoe

A british designer has envisioned the running shoe of the future which is 3D printed using a synthetic material made from primitive cells. The shoe will fit like a second skin and will regenerate overnight so it will never wear out. Shamees Aden, a Masters degree student at Central Saint Martin’s University of London, has…more »

Shapeways Gold Plated Brass Skull

Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace service, has launched a new Gold Plated Brass material that is perfect for those selling jewelry designs. After launching the Premium Silver material several months ago Shapeways have upped the bling factor and produces a material that looks just like solid gold. For jewelry designers 3D printing is the perfect…more »

Iris van Herpen 3D Printed Dress

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen showed her new Wilderness Embodied Collection on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by “Wild Nature” and featured fully 3D printed shoes as well as a hybrid 3D printed dress. The hybrid dress combines transparent stereolithography pieces and traditional dressmaking craftsmanship to produce a garment…more »

3D Printed Shoes by Iris van Herpen

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen’s Fal 2013 collection hit the Paris catwalks and featured 12 pairs of 3D printed shoes. The new collection, entitled “Wilderness Embodied”, was inspired by nature and the 3D printed shoes were designed by Dutch architect and shoe designer Rem D Koolhaas, the Creative Director and Founder of United Nude….more »

3D Printed Shoe with iPhone Case

If you’re out partying and don’t have anywhere to stash your iPhone then these shoes could be for you. Designed by Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation, based in Amsterdam, these 3D printed shoes contain an integrated iPhone case tagged onto the side of the heel. The ‘iPhone Mashup Shoe’ was originally exhibited at the…more »

Blueberries 3D Printed Bracelet

Blueberries is a joint project between Czech jewelry designer Markéta Richterová and Zbyněk Krulich, an interior and product designer. This is their first collaborate project and also one of the first to tackle 3D printed jewelry in the Czech Republic. Richterová is already known for her handmade jewelry which is made from carbon fiber, corian or…more »

Angel Style Ron Arad pq 3D Printed Glasses

London based designer Ron Arad has created a “Springs” collection of 3D printed sunglasses for pq eyewear, a brand that launched in 2012. We’ve previously seen these glasses at an exhibition at London’s Fashion Space Gallery, but now the complete collection has been officially launched in Milan. The frames are made from a single piece…more »

Pq Eyewear 3D Printed

Fashion designers are increasingly embracing 3D printing technology to create garments and accessories that can’t be produced using existing manufacturing methods. We’ve already seen Dita Von Teese wear a fully 3D printed dress and a design concept for a home clothes printer that could change the way we buy designer goods. To showcase what is currently possible…more »

3D Printed Cosmetics Packaging

With all of the amazing new applications that 3D printers are being developed for, such as building construction and firearms, it’s easy to forget how the technology is already helping to develop products that we already buy. Once example is the UK’s Collcap Packaging and how they are using 3D printers to prototype the packaging…more »

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