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Office Depot 3D Printers

Office Depot Latest Retailer to Sell 3D Printers

| 3D Systems, Consumer Electronics, News | August 14, 2013

Office Depot have become the latest retailer to offer 3D printers to their customers, which may show that the 3D printer could be the next must have business tool. Office Depot are a worldwide office supplies and printing provider, but they are not the first to offer 3D printing solutions in this sector. Staples have…more »

Microsoft 3D Printing

Microsoft have recently announced that Windows 8.1 will natively support 3D printers which they say will make printing objects as easy as printing a Word document. Currently 3D printing applications have to support your 3D printer for it to be able to send your 3D model to be printed. With the updates to Windows 8.1…more »

Yamada Denki

Japanese consumers are now able to buy a 3D printer from a high street store with the announcement that the 3D Systems Cube 3D printers are now available at Yamada Denki. Yamada Denki is one of the largest consumer retailers in Japan with 2,729 outlets across the country. “We are honored to have a leading…more »

CES 2014 3D Printer TechZone

The 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas will have a 4,400 square foot 3D Printing TechZone so that manufacturers can show off their latest products to the public. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) have announced that they have sold out of space for the 3,000 sq ft space originally set aside. It has now…more »

Dynamism 3D Printing Store

Japanese online technology retailer Dynamism are the latest in a long line of companies to launch a 3D printer store. Dynamism.com now features a 3D printer section that offers a selection of desktop and prosumer level 3D printers, including the 3D Systems Cube, MakerBot Replicator 2 and the Up Plus 2. These prosumer level machines…more »

3D Printed Desktop Speaker

A New Zealand designer has created a 3D printed desktop speaker which is printed in one piece using a multi-material printer. Using an Objet 500 Connex printer Simon Ellison was able to construct the speaker driver and cone in one single piece using flexible materials that would move to create sound as in a regular…more »

360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount

GoPro fans everywhere will be disappointed to hear that the 360Heros 3D printed GoPro mount has failed to reach it’s funding target of $75,000, with only just over $15,000 pledged by the funding deadline. The 360Heros was a way to capture 360° video and photos for an extremely unique view of the world. Six of…more »

Maplin Velleman K8200

UK high-street electronics retailer Maplin has become the first major retailer in the UK to sell 3D printers in their stores. They are offering the Kelleman K8200 printer for £699.99. Maplin started out selling electronic components, such as semiconductors and switches, to electronics enthusiasts so that they could build there own electronic circuits. In recent…more »

OpenReflex 3D Printed SLR Camera

Photography has long since moved into the digital age but there are many snappers who still work with film. The problem is that most SLR cameras these days are digital as most manufacturers only produce digital SLR camera. The OpenReflex camera on Instructables was created by Leo Marius, so anyone can download the design and…more »

Terry Gou Foxconn President

Terry Gou, the president of Foxconn Technology Group, has poured cold water on the notion that 3D printing is the third industrial revolution. Calling it “a gimmick” to Taiwan media earlier this week, Gou referenced a 2012 Economist article that described 3D printing as the next great thing. “3D printing is a gimmick,” Gou said….more »

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