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3D Systems Cubify Sculpt

3D Systems Launches Cubify Sculpt for Easy 3D Modeling – Video

| 3D Systems, Model Making | August 15, 2013

3D Systems have announced a new piece of software which should make it a lot easier to make models for 3D printing. Cubify Sculpt lets you work a piece of virtual clay which starts it’s life as a box, sphere or cylinder. One of the main stumbling blocks for 3D printers taking hold for the…more »

Office Depot 3D Printers

Office Depot have become the latest retailer to offer 3D printers to their customers, which may show that the 3D printer could be the next must have business tool. Office Depot are a worldwide office supplies and printing provider, but they are not the first to offer 3D printing solutions in this sector. Staples have…more »

3D Systems Team Platform

3D Sytems have been on a bit of a spending spree recently and have now announced that they have acquired TramPlatform, a cloud-based, collaborative design and project management platform. After buying Phenix Systems and RPDG this latest buy provides product design, engineering services and manufacturing companies the ability to share data and collaborate on 3D…more »

Yamada Denki

Japanese consumers are now able to buy a 3D printer from a high street store with the announcement that the 3D Systems Cube 3D printers are now available at Yamada Denki. Yamada Denki is one of the largest consumer retailers in Japan with 2,729 outlets across the country. “We are honored to have a leading…more »

CES 2014 3D Printer TechZone

The 2014 International CES show in Las Vegas will have a 4,400 square foot 3D Printing TechZone so that manufacturers can show off their latest products to the public. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) have announced that they have sold out of space for the 3,000 sq ft space originally set aside. It has now…more »

Makerbot Replicator2 3D Printer

Many industry commentators have said that patents are preventing advances in 3D printing, but this may change in 2014. According to Duann Scott, design evangelist at Shapeways, key patents relating to “laser sintering” held by industry giants such as 3D Systems will expire allowing other companies to develop competing machines. Currently most consumer level 3D…more »

Phenix Systems

3D Systems have announced that they have acquired French company Phenix Systems a leader in Direct Metal Selective Laser Sintering 3D printers. 3D Systems have paid $15.1 million for 81% of the share capital and in accordance with the French Markets Authority will launch a simplified take-over bid on the remainging shares and voting rights….more »

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft have announced that Windows 8.1 will feature native support for 3D printers through an API which can be used by developers to put 3D printing straight from their applications. This was announced at the Microsoft Build Conference last Wednesday and they promised to make 3D printing as easy as printing images on paper. At…more »

Rapid Product Development Group Inc

3D Systems is expanding its 3D printing empire by acquiring Rapid Product Development Group, who provide on-demand prototyping services through 3D printing and traditional manufacturing techniques. 3D Systems have plans to merge RPDG’s service capabilities into their Quickparts service which provides an online e-commerce system to procure low-volume and high-volume custom parts. RPDG is able…more »

Staples Cube 3D Printer

In what could be seen as a sign that consumer level 3D printers are going mainstream, Staples’ have begun selling the 3D Systems Cube printer in their stores and on their website. They are the first major US retailer to offer 3D printers for sale which has come shortly after opening a 3D printing “Experience…more »

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