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3D Printed Gummy

Gummy Men Created with 3D Printed Molds

| 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, News | February 27, 2013

After offering ladies a chance to give their loved ones┬ápersonalized chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Tokyo’s Fab Cafe are now giving men the chance of creating gummy replicas of themselves. In Japan it’s the ladies who give their sweethearts the gifts on Valentine’s Day and the men return gifts a month later, for White Day on…more »

Ffestiniog Railway 3D Printed Trains

The Flexiscale Company in the UK are 3D scanning the trains from the UK’s historic Ffestiniog Railway in Wales in order to produce 3D printed model kits. The Kickstarter project has almost raised the $5,000 required to completely fund the project. The Ffestiniog Railway was opened in 1836 and is the oldest independent railway in…more »

3D Printed Chocolates

What do most men give their significant other on celebrate Valentines Day? Chocolates, right? That seems a bit boring and run of the mill. How about 3D printed chocolate heads that feature the her face. Sounds crazy and impossible. But that’s exactly what attendees at a recent workshop in Tokyo Japan got to create. The…more »

Microsoft Kinect 3D Scanner

3D printers can be used for two tasks, making new objects and creating replacement objects, such as a broken plastic part or a worn out metal part. Both of these tasks require some sort of 3D modelling software and some skill in design and engineering. These tasks are beyond most people, so if you need…more »

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