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Smartphone App 3D Scanner

Swiss Software Turns your Smartphone into a 3D Scanner

| 3D Scanners | December 17, 2013

The Computer Vision and Geometry Lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) have developed a smartphone app that is able to create accurate 3D models in real time using a smartphone. Current 3D scanners require complicated hardware to capture a 3D model of a real object which is a prohibitive cost…more »

3D Printing Fine Art Tim Zaman

Dutch researcher Tim Zaman is working with Canon’s OcĂ© Group to accurately duplicate famous paintings. Their technique is able to reproduce the texture of the artist’s brush strokes using a process that involves 3D scanning and 3D printing. Zaman has developed a photographic scanning system that not only captures a high resolution image of the…more »

Fuel3D Scanner

A British company, Fuel3D, has launched the Fuel3D scanner fundraising project on Kickstarter. Fuel3D was spawned from a medical imaging project developed at Oxford University and is able to capture exceptional detail in everyday objects, such as the contours and colors of the item being scanned. The makers say that it is particularly suited to…more »

Disney 3D Photo Software

Researchers at Disney in Zurich have developed computer software which can create high resolution 3D models from digital photographs. A specially designed algorithm is able to analyze the light and shade areas of an image to calculate the depth of the objects and creates a 3D reconstruction of the scene. This software is ideally suited…more »

Matterform Photon 3D Scanner

The Matterform Photon 3D scanner Indiegogo crowdsourcing project has become the highest funded Canadian project with total funding of $471,000. Initially seeking $81,000 to build and sell their cheap 3D scanner the Toronto based company now has enough money to make 5 times as many scanners as initially planned. When we initally wrote about this…more »

Go!Scan 3D Portable Scanner

One of the biggest issues with 3D printing is the learning curve associated with creating your own models using CAD software to send to your 3D printer. But here’s a cool Star Trek-like 3D scanner that will help you create a 3D model and it works by simply being moved around the object while holding…more »

Matterform Photon 3D Scanner

3D modeling is difficult. This is what many people have discovered when they’ve just unboxed their brand new 3D printer. Matterform, out of Toronto Canada, realized that many people were limited to printing out other people’s objects that they’ve downloaded from services like Shapeways. So they decided to develop an affordable 3D scanner. Both the…more »

3D Printing Museum in China

3D printing is now such an established technology that China has opened a 3D printing museum. The DRC Industrial Design and Creative Industry Base opened recently in Beijing and is welcoming visitors to sample what the future of manufacturing has in store. We’re not sure what exhibits could be displayed in a museum for a…more »

3D Printed Tom Tom Bracket Repair

One application where a 3D printer will prove its worth is in creating replacement plastic parts for things that have broken. This is the situation that face James Bruton when he found that his Tom Tom’s windscreen mount bracket had broken and some parts had been lost. He then decided to use his Lulzbot AO-101…more »

Makerbot 3D Scanner Announced by Bre Pettis

MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis has announced a prototype 3D scanner, called the Digitizer, that his company is currently developing. The scanner was unveiled at Austin’s SXSW Interactive show and has been in development for some time. One of the difficulties with 3D printing is designing the object that you need to produce and a laser…more »

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