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Solidoodle 4 3D Printer

Solidoodle 4 3D Printer Launched Aimed at Retail Markets

| 3D Printers, News | December 3, 2013

Solidoodle have launched their latest 3D printer, the Solidoodle 4, and are making moves into retail stores with the redesigned machine. Solidoodle, based in Brooklyn New York, have sold over 7,000 3D printer across the world and their new machine offers their easiest to use machine to date. The Solidoodle 4 is a pre-assembled machine…more »

NASA 3D Printed Tools

After NASA certified that the Made in Space 3D printer is ready to be shot into space to live aboard the ISS they are showing us how it will be used by astronauts. After passing a battery of tests, including micro-gravity zero-g demonstrations, the new 3D printer will launch to the ISS next year and…more »

Deltaprintr Large Format 3D Printer

There are many open-source 3D printers being developed around the world, but what separates one printer from another? The Deltaprintr aims to differentiate itself from the crowd by the ease it can be expanded to produce large format prints. This $400 3D printer is being developed by students Shai Schechter, Andrey Kovalev, Yasick Nemenov and…more »

3D Printing Failures

3D printing promises a lot, but often doesn’t deliver. Enthusiast Richard Horne is celebrating 3D printing failures on a Flikr gallery. There’s nothing worse than starting a print, leaving it overnight, only for you to return to it in the morning to find a plastic filament spaghetti mess where your beautiful model should be. The…more »

NASA Made in Space 3D Printer

NASA has been working with Made in Space to build a 3D printer that will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in June next year. To help us understand the obstacles that have to be overcome for a 3D printer to work in zero gravity NASA have released a video. Astronaut Timothy “TJ”…more »

iMakr Yaya 3D Printing Pen

iMakr.com has started selling the world’s first 3D printing pen that is available in the market, the YAYA 3D. The 3DYaya is basically a copy of the 3Doodler which raised well over $2million in its Kickstarter campaign. This sort of success does sometimes lead to copycats producing their own product and this seems to be…more »

Schlage 3D Printed Key

Two MIT students, David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert, showed at the Def Con hacker conference last week how to create a 3D printed copy of any Schlage Primus key, and plan to release the software that helped them do it. After scanning a key using a flatbed scanner their software tool creates the 3D…more »

3D Printed Rifle Hand Firing

The Canadian who created the world’s first 3D printed rifle has improved his design after the first version failed after firing only one shot. The new version of the rifle, named the “Grizzly 2.0″, has now been shown in a Youtube video to fire 14 rounds before suffering damage to the barrel. The rifle is…more »

Solidoodle 3 3D Printer

Solidoodle have announced that 3Dörtgen will be the first 3D printer store in Turkey when it opens September 3 in Istanbul’s Camlica district. 3Dörtgen will stock a full line of Solidoodle 3D printers and filament products. The Solidoodle printers start at $499 for the 2nd Generation Solidoodle and $799 for the latest 3rd Generation model….more »

Microsoft 3D Printing

Microsoft have recently announced that Windows 8.1 will natively support 3D printers which they say will make printing objects as easy as printing a Word document. Currently 3D printing applications have to support your 3D printer for it to be able to send your 3D model to be printed. With the updates to Windows 8.1…more »

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