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Dudley the Duck Gets a 3D Printed Leg

| Medical Technology, News | January 28, 2014

Dudley, a Canadian duck, using his 3D printed leg

Dudley the duck lost part of his leg and one foot in a fight with two chickens, that cost his brother his life. After his recovery he could still swim but couldn’t walk too well. Dudley was spotted at the K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services in Sicamous Canada by mechanical engineer Terence Loring’s martial arts instructor.

After hearing about his plight Terence set about creating a 3D printed foot to help Dudley become mobile again.

“He was just a duckling when I met him in September last year, and I’d never tried anything like this before, – but hoped we could help.”

Loring is working with local firm Proto3000 to create the legs, which they are 3D printing for free.

Dudley's leg has gone through many design revisions

Dudley’s leg has gone through many design revisions, from an initial design that was too complex, to the finished and simpler design. The main structure including the upper and lower leg, connecting pin for the joints are made from strong ABS plastic.

3D Printed Duck Leg Prototypes

Various designs were computer modeled before being printed

The foot is made from a soft and flexible rubberized plastic that allows Dudley to easily place and lift off his foot.

Dudley will need new legs as he grows and Loring expects the design will improve over time until Dudley is fully grown.

Dudley isn’t the only duck that has benefitted from 3D printing technology, as the following video shows Buttercup with a new 3D printed leg.

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