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3D Printed Nail Art for Funky Females

| Fashion, Shapeways | January 28, 2014

The 3D printed nails have been designed by The Laser Girls

Two digital artists from New York City,Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, have created a new style of nail art using a 3D printer. They operate as The Laser Girls and they have elevated the hum-drum acrylic artificial nail into something a lot more special.

Their nails are designed on a computer and printed on a Form 1 3D printer and are available in a number of colors and in a variety of plastics and metals. Their creations have created a buzz since they have been on display this month at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Red Textured 3D Printed Nails

3D printing allows the nails to be textured

The designers describe their designs with such terms as ‘weird-bumpy-spikey’ to ‘dominatrix-mechanical-raven claw’ and will complement only the most adventurous of outfits. They say the 3D printed nails are ‘ideal for special events, costumes, and any short-term occasion’. After being attached using a thin layer of glue they will stay on for around three days, if care is taken when wearing them.

Purple Lasergirls Nails

The nails are available in many colors and designs

the nails are now available from the shapeways store and prices range from about $10 to over $40.

3D Printer Nail Art

The nails are printed on a Form 1 3D printer and use different plastics and metals

Here is an impromptu video where they discuss their work.

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