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Solidoodle 4 3D Printer Launched Aimed at Retail Markets

| 3D Printers, News | December 3, 2013

Solidoodle 4 3D Printer

The Solidoodle 4 features an natty enclosure making it more suitable for retail store sales

Solidoodle have launched their latest 3D printer, the Solidoodle 4, and are making moves into retail stores with the redesigned machine.

Solidoodle, based in Brooklyn New York, have sold over 7,000 3D printer across the world and their new machine offers their easiest to use machine to date. The Solidoodle 4 is a pre-assembled machine that has a smart powder coated steel enclosure that opens at the top and has a front door that shuts magnetically. The opening top offers great access to the heated print bed and combined with the front door keeps a more consistent temperature when printing, improving results.

“Our mission is to get more people creating! 3D printers are an amazing tool for today’s innovative society. With the Solidoodle 4, anyone can bridge the gap between digital and physical,” says Solidoodle founder and CEO Sam Cervantes.

The 4′s specifications are pretty much the same as the Solidoodle 3′s, but there has been improvements in adjustability to make the machine easier to set up for printing.

Solidoodle 4 Open

The Solidoodle's casing offers access to all of it's innards

The print filament spool still hangs off the back of the 3D printer but has been redesigned and moved to create a smoother path to the printhead which reduces snagging problems. All of the electronics now reside inside the casing making the whole machine look a lot cleaner and reduces the risk of damage when in use.

Solidoodle 4 Side

The filament spool is still mounted outside the back of the printer, which might put off some users

The improvements in the Solidoodle 4′s design compared to previous models makes it a lot more of an attractive proposition for retail customers and with a retail price of $999 it will be competitive.

The Solidoodle will be available in all Micro Center locations throughout the country, around 25 stores, in what is Solidoodle’s first foray into the retail store market.

Check out this Engadget review of the Solidoodle 4 3D printer.

The Solidoodle 4‘s specifications are as follows:

Build envelope up to 8″ x 8″ x 8″

Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS recommended, PLA possible)

Heated Build Platform

Enhanced calibration

Solidoodle Motherboard

Spring loaded Acrylic Extruder with stepper motor, .4mm nozzle

Internal Steel frame, powder coated steel enclosure and an easy-open lid for quick access

Resolution up to .1mm

13.5″ x 14″ x 15″ case footprint (L x W x H) – S3 is 13.5″ x 14″ x 14″

Internal Steel frame

100V-240V Universal Power Supply

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