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Ralf Holleis Unveils Latest 3D Printed Track Bike

| 3D Printer Material, Sports Technology | November 29, 2013

VRZ 2 3D Printed Track Bike

Ralf Holleis' VRZ 2 track bike features 3D printed titanium lugs and stem

European product designer Ralf Holleis has completed a new version of his 3D printed track bike made using titanium lugs. The new version is even lighter than the first and features a belt drive system rather than a traditional steel chain.

The original version weighed in at 5.68kg (12,49lbs) but the VRZ 2 is down to 4.9kg (10.78lbs). It features 3D printed titanium lugs and the frame tubes are made from ultralight dry-carbon. The reduced weight is due to an ultralight Lightweight carbon wheelset, a THM crankset with beltdrive.

VRZ 2 Belt Drive

The VRZ 2 has an ultra-modern belt drive system

The titanium lugs are made using a LaserCusing process which fuses titanium power with a laser into metal shapes. The frames geometry can be custom designed to fit each customer and custom software works out the angles for the lugs in order the frame to fit together correctly.

BRZ 2 3D Printed Titanium Lugs

The titanium lugs are 3D printed using a LaserCusing process

After the 3D printer creates the titanium lugs they are bonded to the carbon tubes and finished in a special protective coating.

VRZ 2 3D Printed Titanium Lug

A closeup of the lug shows the precision of the LaserCusing process

VRZ 2 3D Printed Stem

The 3D printed stem is strong enough for aggressive track riding

Watch the video at the bottom of this page to get more information about this amazing bike and check out the specifications below:


Frame: VRZ 2

Tubematerial: carbon

Lugmaterial: titanium (laser-cusing)

Lugcoating: TIN, CRN, or TiCN+C

Handlebar: Deda Pista

Saddle: AX Lightness

Seatpost: Vorwaertz TI+C 1

Steam: Vorwaertz Top 2

Crankset: THM CLAVICULA (GATES carbon belt)


Wheels: Lightwieght RUNDKURS

Tires: Conti 4000s

Total weight: 4.9kg (10.78lbs)

Coating by EITEC


Crank by THM

Belt by GATES

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