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MicroSoft Video Shows That 3D Printing Will Be As Easy As Printing a Word Doc

| 3D Printers, Consumer Electronics, MakerBot, News | August 1, 2013

Microsoft 3D Printing

Native 3D printer drivers in Windows 8.1 will make printing objects a lot easier

Microsoft have recently announced that Windows 8.1 will natively support 3D printers which they say will make printing objects as easy as printing a Word document.

Currently 3D printing applications have to support your 3D printer for it to be able to send your 3D model to be printed. With the updates to Windows 8.1 all you will have to do is click “print” just like you do for any other digital document.

In the latest “On the Whiteboard” video from Microsoft, they talk about this Windows 8.1 update and why they are interested in 3D printing technology.

Editor Pamela Woon visits the Makehaus 3D printing workshop, a 10,000 square-foot facility where members can use any of the equipment, including MakerBot Replicator 2 printers, to help with their own 3D printed projects. MakerHaus’s Mike Kemery explains how 3D printing will revolutionize things just as laser printers did 20 years ago, and Windows 8.1 will make printing objects just as easy.

“..how it’s [3D printing] going to grow as desktop publishing did 20 years ago to being mainstream today.”, says Mike Kemery, MakerHaus

Microsoft’s Shanen Boettcher explains how the Windows 8.1 update will allow 3D printer hardware manufacturers to plugin their drivers into a “pipeline”, and software developers to utlize the Windows’ print dialogs. This will make the user have a seamless experience of clicking “File – Print” from the software to the printing of the object.

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