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3D Systems Launches Cubify Sculpt for Easy 3D Modeling – Video

| 3D Systems, Model Making | August 15, 2013

3D Systems Cubify Sculpt

3D modeling is now a lot easier with Cubify Sculpt

3D Systems have announced a new piece of software which should make it a lot easier to make models for 3D printing. Cubify Sculpt lets you work a piece of virtual clay which starts it’s life as a box, sphere or cylinder.

One of the main stumbling blocks for 3D printers taking hold for the home user is that it can be quite difficult to design your own things to print. Once you’ve unpacked your new machine and printed out a few pre-made objects from Thingiverse it becomes obvious that it’s pretty difficult to use a CAD program to create stuff from scratch.

“Cubify Sculpt shifts the 3D modeling tools paradigm, making design for instant 3D printing something everyone can do,” said Rajeev Kulkarni, Vice President & General Manager Consumer Products for 3D Systems, “Our new virtual sculpting experience sets the stage for mainstream users to create and make everyday useful and impactful printables.”

Cubify Sculpt provides a starting point with a lump of computer clay which can be pulled, pushed, squeezed and bent around using some easy to use tools. An advanced feature that takes this to another level is the “mash up” tool which allows an existing 3D model design to be imported, combined with others, or just messed around with.

Of course the software is designed to work with 3D Systems’ hardware and will be integrated into the Cube and CubeX 3D printers with plugins in due course. However, your not restricted to using one of 3D Systems’ printers as Cubify Sculpt will work with pretty much any 3D printer as it can export the .STL file format.

  • Design from scratch starting with a box, sphere or cylinder of virtual clay.
  • Import: STL, OBJ, PLY, CLY to edit
  • Export: STL, OBJ, PLY, CLY, ZPC
  • Cubify Sculpt saves as a 3D print-ready STL.
  • Use push and pull tools to sculpt your digital clay. Adjust the strength and size of the sculpting tool for exact cavities and extrusions.
  • Design with symmetry when modeling a face or figurine.
  • Deform and reform your model by squishing and pulling whole objects.
  • Emboss with patterns and textures. Choose from Cubify Sculpt’s library or import your own displacement map.
  • Add color with the paintbrush feature. Get your full-color design Cloudprinted with Colorstone material.

Cubify Sculpt is currently available for Windows PCs (Mac to follow) and is priced at $129 on Cubify, or just download the 14-day trial to try it out.

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