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New Online 3D Printing Store Launched by Dynamism

| 3D Printers, Consumer Electronics, News | July 24, 2013

Dynamism 3D Printing Store

Japanese online retailer Dynamism are the latest to launch a 3D printer store

Japanese online technology retailer Dynamism are the latest in a long line of companies to launch a 3D printer store.

Dynamism.com now features a 3D printer section that offers a selection of desktop and prosumer level 3D printers, including the 3D Systems Cube, MakerBot Replicator 2 and the Up Plus 2. These prosumer level machines are priced from $1749 for the Up Plus 2 to $2799 for the MakerBot Replicator 2X.

For those on a cheaper budget they also list the Printrbot series of 3D printers which start at $299, and like all products bought from the site it comes with unlimited technical support.

As of yet Dynamism don’t offer much in the way of ABS or PLA filament, consumables or accessories. But they are selling the Leonar3do kit which allows 3D objects to be modeled in thin air.

In addition to unlimited tech support with your purchase the site also offers a range of articles and videos to explain what can be done with 3D printers. There are videos showing how 3D printing works, the future of 3D printing as well as links to resources for downloading designs to get you started.

Retailers are now realizing the potential for 3D printer sales online as well as the high street with Amazon launching their own online store and retailers with bricks-and-mortar stores starting to stock them, such as Staples and the UK’s Tesco.

Whether there is the demand in the marketplace for 3D printers that these retailers expect remains to be seen.

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