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Documentary Film Charts 3D Printing House Pioneer

| 3D Printer Material, News | July 30, 2013

Enrico Dini 3D Printer Documentary

Enrico Dini build the D-Shape, the world's largest 3D printer

Enrico Dini built the world’s largest 3D printer, the D-Shape, which he is using to build houses and other buildings to show how this new construction technique can be successfully utilized.

A new documentary film, called The Man Who Prints Houses, by film makers Marc Webb and Jack Wake-Walker charts the ups and downs as Dini struggles to make his dream a reality. His idea of one day seeing homes 3D printed from a sandstone type material which will revolutionize the construction industry.

The D-Shape is a huge 3D printer which “prints” using alternative layers of sand and binding materials to make sandstone which Dino says is stronger than concrete and doesn’t require any steel reinforcing bars. He has worked with architects such as Norman Foster, with NASA ona programme to colonise the moon, and designers and contractors to develop prototype structures such as a small Italian dwelling called a Trullo.

3D Printed Trullo

The D-Shape 3D printer was used to make the building material for this Trullo, a traditional Italian dwelling

The current financial climate has proved an obstacle to his dreams and he has faced great difficulties in his personal life, but his determination to see his project through keeps him going. A trailer for the documentary can be seen below:

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