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British School Children to be Taught About 3D Printing

| News | July 8, 2013

UK Prime Minister

Prime Minister David Cameron launched the new school curriculum that focuses on technology

British school children will learn about 3D printing and computer programming in a newly launched curriculum. From 2014 children as young as 5 will learn computer programming and older pupils will be taught how 3D printers work.

The British government feel that the UK is being left behind by other countries in international education league tables and the new national curriculum will return focus to traditional science project. Part of this also includes learning about the latest technological advances including how to design and produce products on 3D printers.

“We are competing in a global race. I want British children coming out of school to be at the top of the class, beating the best in the world. In order to do that we have got to have the most rigorous curriculum, we have got to measure it against our competitors.”, said British Prime Minister David Cameron at St Mary’s and St John’s primary school in London.

From the age of five pupils will learn about writing and developing computer programs as well as learning how to store and retrieve data.7 to 11 year-olds will use electrical circuits in their projects incorporating switches, bulbs, buzzers and motors and will apply their knowledge of computing to program, monitor and control their designs.

From the ages of 11 to 14 students coding and how to solve computer problems. They will also learn about the latest technology including 3D scanners, laser cutters, robotics and 3D printers. This will also involve 3D and mathematical modelling, oral and digital presentations and computer based tools.

The UK has dropped down international comparative tables and a 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment reported that the UK is 16th in science and 28th place in mathematics. According to a Royal Academy of Engineering report, the UK needs to educate at least an extra 10,000 science graduates a year just to maintain its current industrial position.

The UK has recently announced a multi-million pound investment in 3D printing and they now also recognize the need to invest in giving future generations the skills needed in this new industry.

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