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3DR RepRap Delta is a Multi-Color Evolution of the Original Open-Source Design

| 3D Printer Material, 3D Printers, RepRap | July 31, 2013

3DR RepRap Delta 3D Printer

The 3DR Reprap Delta is an evolution on the original RepRap 3D printer

British electronics engineer “RichRap” has recently demonstrated his 3DR Delta 3D printer, which is an evolution of the RepRap design. The RepRap is an open-source 3D printer design that has been around for a few years and anyone can build and improve upon it’s design.

RichRap took inspiration from the Rostock, Kossell and Tantillus 3D printers and took a few of their features that he liked and incorporated them into his design. The major improvement with the 3DR Delta over other RepRap based designs is that it is a multi-color 3D printer and uses a dual bowden fed extruder mixing Hot-End Nozzle which blends the filament feed together.

The 3DR Delta’s print head moves in 3D space suspended from 3 arms allowing it to build an object form the bottom of the machine upwards, without the need for a moving build platform. This also makes it possible to build the 3DR to be as tall as you like, making large prints possible. The frame is constructed from aluminum T-slot, some parts that have to be 3D printed, TRAXX joints and rods, and various nuts and bolts from a hardware store.

3DR RepRap Delta Multi-Color Printer

The 3DR can print multi-colored objects

If you are in the UK and would like to see the 3DR Delta in action RichRap will be attending the TCTShow NEC Birmingham 25th-26th for a RepRap Community Hub meeting, on stand G54. If you’d like to build your own 3DR Delta he will be producing a 5 part guide which will take you through the project from start to finish.

3DR Richrap Multi Color Vase

It's abilities were demonstrated at the recent London Mini Maker-Faire

Here’s part 1 of RichRap’s guide to building a 3DR Delta in which he gives us the release files for the design and lists the parts required for assembly. Later parts of his guide will show how to assemble, setup and calibrate the printer.

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