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3D Printed T-Rex Skull for Your Home

| Model Making | July 17, 2013

3DPrinted T-Rex Skulls

The T-Rex skulls are available in various sizes

The 3D-REX Kickstarter project from Namisu, based in Madrid Spain, is bringing ancient fossil history to your home with this 3D printed Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. This project has already raised £3,526 ($5,300)of it’s intended £1,500 ($2,800) goal.

The 3D printed T-Rex heads are available in various different sizes; small, medium and large which are great for displaying on your desk, to the largest which is Wall-mountable. The small size (3.5″) is a $38 pledge and the wall mountable skull (9.9″) costs $298.

“3D-REX brings natural history from the museum to your living room.” – Core77

The 3D Rex skulls are 3D printed using Selective Laser Sintering in a plastic material that is light but also strong. The makers claim that it actually feels like a fossil, with the material feeling more like wood or stone rather than plastic. The Medium size is available in various colors, blue, red, violet, pint, black and white. But the small and Wall skulls are only available in white.

Small 3D Printed T-Rex Skull

The tiny T-Rex skull is perfect ask a desk ornament

The T-Rex is many people’s favorite dinosaur and this skull model is a great way to appreciate the awesome power that these creatures had in the past. Normally T-Rex fossilized bones are only found in a select number of museums around the world, but this project will bring history straight into people’s homes.

“It is a novel way to display a prehistoric legend in the home.” – Mashable

The Namisu team’s goal is to create decorative sculptures for the home by using the latest manufacturing techniques. 3D printing is also giving us the opportunity to appreciate the work of famous sculpture artists in our own homes. These fun projects are showing how 3D printing is bringing art and history to a wider audience rather than a being a technology that at the moment might not be relevant to a lot of people.

Wall Mounted 3D PrintedT-Rex Skull

Mount a T-Rex skull on your wall as a safari trophy

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