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360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount Fails to get KickStarter Funding

| Consumer Electronics, News | July 17, 2013

360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount

The 360Heros can hold up to six GoPro's giving a 360° field of vision

GoPro fans everywhere will be disappointed to hear that the 360Heros 3D printed GoPro mount has failed to reach it’s funding target of $75,000, with only just over $15,000 pledged by the funding deadline.

The 360Heros was a way to capture 360° video and photos for an extremely unique view of the world. Six of the popular GoPro HD cameras could be mounted to the 360Heros, which was 3D printed, and they could be operated with a WiFi remote control.

The 360Heros is ideal for getting a unique perspective on any of action activity and could be suspended from a remote control helicopter for cool flyovers or even used underwater for capturing the beasts of the deep.

360Heros Underwater Mount

Waterproof your GoPro's for underwater 360 degree photography

360Heros inventor Michael Kintner was obviously disappointed with not raising the funding he was hoping from KickStarter but the success of the product did not depend entirely on this cash injection. Lots of 360Heros are being made and are available to buy from https://shop.360heros.com, priced from $645.

Michael updated his KickStarter 360Heros project page with the following message:

We may not have made it however don’t dispear!

Update #2 · Jun 25, 2013
Well folks it was an interesting learning experience with Kickstarter and I thank all those who supported our project. However don’t loose hope because we now have plenty of inventory in stock and to sell.
The 360Heros store is NOW open for business! You can go to https://shop.360heros.com and order all the products online and we will ship within the week!

We are here to support your 360 video and photo projects and help you become your own hero in the world of 360 photography and videography!

Over the next week you will also see our shopping center change to allow for better customer service, support forums and customers sharing their own content.

Our goal at 360Heros is to help you become your own hero in the world of 360 and we will help you market your services, supporting your efforts, your company and conent for the world to see.

Again thank you for your support and if you have any questions my email is mike@360heros.com.

Michael Kintner
CEO/Founder and Inventor

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