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TARDIS Prime 3D Printed Transformer Toy

| 3D Printers, Toy Making | June 26, 2013

3D Printed Tardis Transformer

TARDIS Prime stands almost 13 inches tall

If you’re a fan of British TV science fiction then you’ll immediately be familiar the TARDIS from the Dr. Who show. The Dr. can travel anywhere in time or space using this craft and in the TV show the TARDIS is supposed to be chameleon like, but is stuck in the shape of a 1960′s era British police box. However, this 3D printed TARDIS Prime can change into a Transformers robot.

After seeing this rather awesome TARDIS Prime T-shirt engineer Ellindsey from Drew’s Robots decided that he needed to create one for himself.

“I can’t look at something like that and not immediately start figuring out how to make it actually work,” he said.

He initially started with the 3D model of a TARDIS that is available on Thingiverse which had to figure out how the police box could transform into the shape of a robot. This process took about a month of trial and error.

3D Printed Tardis

The TARDIS takes the form of a 1960's style London police box

It was printed on in PLA using a Delta style 3D printer and consists of over 70 individual parts, which don’t have to be glued to be assembled.

Although the results look great he wasn’t entirely happy with how it turned out. He says that the robot can’t stand on its own as it’s top heavy and uses too much plastic. Ellindsey plans on redesigning the model to a smaller scale so that it’s easier to print and works better as a display figure.

We doff our caps to Ellindsey for taking the time to figure out this cool model. If you want to have a go at printing TARDIS Prime go to Thingiverse to get the design.

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