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Japanese Brides Remember their Special Day with a 3D Printed Clone

| Model Making, Z-Corp | June 18, 2013

Japanese 3D Printed Bride

The Japanese bride clones cost around $1500

How did you remember your wedding day? With professional photographs, or a video perhaps. If you’re a Japanese bride your might decide to have a 3D printed clone of yourself produced as they appear on their special day.

The Clone Factory in Tokyo’s tech mad Akhibara Electric Town district offer this service for $1,500 (138,000 Yen) and the brides receive a lifelike 3D-printed doll that is incredibly detailed. The brides are 3D scanned with multiple SLR cameras to capture their facial features and the data is sent into a 3D modeling software program.

Their head is then printed on a Z-Printer 650 3D printer using a high performance composite material in full color.

The Clone Factory Z Printer 650

The Z-Printer 650 creates the clone head

The head is attached to a doll’s body and then a copy of the bride’s hair is added along with make-up and custom made doll’s clothing that is a replica of what they wore.

The service is proving popular with Japanese brides who are looking for a unique way to remember their most special day, and The Clone Factory even gets visits from a number foreign brides.

Danny Choo 3D Scan

The 3D scanning process takes just a few seconds

Japanese blogger Danny Choo, who runs the Culture Japan webiste, visited The Factory to have himself cloned as a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. After sitting down for the 3D scan of his head Danny watches as his 3D model took shape before being sent to the 3D printer. After a few days wait he went back to the store to collect his clone.

The Clone Factory Team

Danny meets The Clone Factory team and some of their creations

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