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Hyrel 3D Printer can Print in Sugru Rubber, Clay and Even Play-Doh

| 3D Printer Material, Model Making, News | June 26, 2013

Hyrel 3D Printer Sugru Rubber Material

The Hyrel 3D printer can now print with Sugru a self-setting rubber

The Hyrel 3D is a fully funded Kickstarter 3D printer project that sets itself apart from the crowd by being able to print in modeling materials including Sugru, a new self-setting rubber.

The Hyrel range of 3D printers are fitted with a special extruder nozzle, called the HYREL Emulsifiable Extruder (EMO-25), which is capable of printing in a range of non-plastic materials such as Play-Doh, air drying clay, Plasticines, RTV and the newly launched Sugru rubber.

The Hyrel 3D printers feature hot-swappable print extruder heads so it’s possible to print four different materials into your model, including regular ABS and PLA plastics. This means that a model can be printed with a Sugru rubber gasket within it making a more realistic product or part prototype.

Hyrel 3D Printer

The 5 printer Hyrel range costs from $1,995 to $3,095

The Hyrel 3D printers feature a large 8″ x 8″ x 8″ (200x200x200mm) build volume with the aforementioned multiple hot-swappable extruder heads. The Hyrel chassis is made completely from metal which is powder-coated and anodized for durability.

The Hyrel range is aimed at all levels of user from the Tinkerer, designed for those new to 3D printing which costs $1,995. Upgraded models consist of the Hobbyist (+Hot bed platform) at $2,145, the $2,495 Apprentice (+Embedded PC), the Journeyman (+1 extruder head) at $2,695 and the Professional (+2 Extruder heads) for $3,095.

Here’s the Hyrel 3D printing in Sugru.

Hyrel 3D printing in Air-Dry clay.

3D printing in Play-Doh, which seems to work better that the Play-Doh 3D printer!:

3D printing in Plasticine:

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