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28 Gear Cube 3D Printed in One Piece

| 3D Printers, Shapeways | June 3, 2013

28 Gear 3D Printed Cube

This "Geared Cube" was printed in one piece, requires no assembly and can't be taken apart

This 3D printed geared cube was created in a single piece and demonstrates that complex objects can be 3D printed with many moving parts and that they require no assembly.

The gearing is quite complex. Each of 4 sides of the cube have 7 gears, 2 large outer gears that rotate in opposite directions and 5 smaller gears in arranged as in a planetary gearbox. Due to this arrangement the motion of the 2 large cogs is reversed on each of the 4 faces. Each set of gears are all connected through the large gear on each of the 4 faces that meshes at 90 degrees with the neighbouring large gear.

The cube has a steampunk themed design and the gears are powered by a 6-volt battery connected to a motor that is operated by a reed switch and a small magnet. When the magnet is in proximity to the reed switch, the motor spins a single gear that in turn rotates all 28 gears.

The cube was printed by Shapeways using their “White Strong and Flexible” material and you can order one for yourself for around $90.

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