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Prince Harry and UK Prime Minister Cameron Receive Personalized 3D Printed Makie Dolls

| News, Toy Making | May 16, 2013

Prince Harry David Cameron Makie Dolls

The Prince and Prime Minister were presented their Makie dolls by MakieLab's co-founder and COO Jo Roach

The Brits have invaded NYC to promote their country with the GREAT Britain / Innovation is GREAT campaign to drum up interest in British companies and products. MakieLabs were the only British tech company invited and they handed out Makie Dolls to attendees including HRH Prince Harry and UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Makie dolls exploit one of the main advantages of 3D printing manufacturing in that each doll is customized with their owner’s own facial expressions, that’s printed in full color onto the doll’s head. Their recently launched Makies Doll Factory app allows a user to customize their own doll-a-like and order their own Makie creation to be 3D printed and shipped to their front door.

Prince Harry 3D Printed Makie Doll

The Prince Harry Makie doll

MakieLabs are a British startup that has been in operation for around a year and their Makie dolls were the first CE Certified 3D printed toy, which means the toy meets all the safety requirements for it to be sold to the general public.

Prime Minister Makie Doll

The Prime Minister David Cameron Makie along with a ministerial red- box

The Makies are fully posable with jointed arms and legs and can be ordered with a range of miniature hand-made clothes from specially designed clothing collections. A Makie will set you back £59.99 and MakieLabs are expanding to offer design-your-own clothes and further clothing collections.

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