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Kim Dotcom Takes Down 3D Printed Gun Files from Mega File-Sharing Site

| 3D Printers, News | May 14, 2013

Kim Dotcom Mega File Sharing Site

No stranger to controversy, Kim Dotcom runs the Mega file-sharing site. Photo:Reuters

Kim Dotcom, founder of the file-sharing website Mega has┬ávoluntarily┬átaken down the design files for Defense Distributed’s 3D printed gun. This is only days after Defcad.org complied with a government request to remove the 3D design files from their own site.

Since the “Liberator” 3D printed gun was unleashed on the world last week after being successfully fired by Defense Distributed’s founder Cody Wilson there has been a whirlwind of controversy. UK reporters smuggled the plastic gun parts onto a Eurostar train bound for Paris over the weekend to demonstrate security concerns about the weapon not being able to be detected by airport-style metal detectors.

Although Defcad.org took down the Liberator design files immediately after the U.S. government request, the files were still being hosted on the New Zealand based Mega site and had found their way onto The Pirate Bay file sharing site.

“Internet mogul Kim Dotcom says designs for a 3D-printed gun are scary and he’s deleted public links to its blueprints from his new file-sharing website,” writes NewstalkZB, a New Zealand-based news site. “The plans were available on Dotcom’s Mega website, but the New Zealand-based entrepreneur asked his staff to delete the public files. Dotcom says he thinks they are a serious threat to security of the community.”

Dotcom is going through his own tangles with the U.S. authorities relating to his previous file sharing site MegaUpload, where he is accused of facilitating mass copyright violations. Perhaps he has decided that he doesn’t need another reason for the U.S. to come after him?

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