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Buccaneer Pirate3D Printer is High on Style Low on Price

| 3D Printers | May 15, 2013

Buccaneer Pirate3D Printer

The Buccaneer is a high-tech looking piece of kit

There seems to be a new low-cost 3D printer launched every week, most aiming for funding on Kickstarter, but this project sets itself apart from the rest with its high-tech almost Apple-like design.

The Buccaneer 3D printer is being developed by Pirate3D as an easy-to-use, affordable and stylish machine. It’s touted as “the world’s most affordable 3D printer” but unlike most industrial looking machines the Buccaneer has a modern brush-aluminum look, which will fit right into a modern desktop, right next an Apple product.

Buccaneer Pirate3D Filament Spool

The PLA filament is loaded from the top

One of its more distinctive features is the filament cartridge which sits atop the machine and feeds the PLA filament down through its center. ┬áIt’s quite an elegant design that shows that the designers have thought about function as well as form.

“Built to be intuitive, the Buccaneer comes fully assembled and calibrated. The result is the fastest set up time you will ever get with a 3D printer so you have time to enjoy the things that matter.”, Pirate3D.com

The Buccaneer has a desktop footprint of around 10″x10″ but is still able to produce objects up to 5.9″ x 5.9″ x 4.72″ in size using PLA material. With a print speed of 50m/s at a resolution of 100 micro layers it will be good enough for most home hobby uses. 3D models are sent to the printer wirelessly via WiFi, and can be controlled using a specially designed mobile and tablet app called Smart Objects.

Buccaneer Pirate3D Modeling Software

The Buccaneer's Smart Objects app makes it easy to design objects

Pirate3D have just announced that the Buccaneer will retail for $347 which gives it amazing value compared to the competition, assuming it can deliver on the quality claims. The company have also just applied to Kickstarter to create a funding project for the Buccaneer.


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