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Blueberries 3D Printed Jewelry from Czech Designers

| Fashion | May 1, 2013

Blueberries 3D Printed Bracelet

Czech designers have created award-winning 3D printed jewelry designs

Blueberries is a joint project between Czech jewelry designer Markéta Richterová and Zbyněk Krulich, an interior and product designer. This is their first collaborate project and also one of the first to tackle 3D printed jewelry in the Czech Republic.

Richterová is already known for her handmade jewelry which is made from carbon fiber, corian or plastic so she’s no stranger to working with cutting edge materials. Krulich provides expertise in new technologies, 3D printing and parametric design. For this jewelry collection both wanted to utilize their individual skills in both design and technology to produce designs that showcase what 3D printer technology is capable of.

Blueberries Earrings

The Blueberries collection is 3D printed in colorful nylon

To produce the pieces Richterová’s previous designs in carbon fiber were transferred into the computer’s 3D modeling software and optimized for easier 3D printing. For her previous designs Richterová made the jewelry by hand and switching to a fully computerized process allowed her to produce jewelry that was extremely light, yet strong and elastic.

The new collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces 3D printed in a variety of colored plastic material which also have transparent qualities due to the printer’s ability to perforate the pieces.

Blueberries DLMS Ring

The next series of pieces will be DMLS printed in precious metals

Although Blueberries pieces can be mass produces on a 3D printer they still maintain elements of experimentation, with their next series of pieces which will be printed in precious metals. Utilizing Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) they will be able to 3D print titanium or bronze. The advantage of DMLS 3D printing is that these pieces will be produced at a lower price than is possible for Richterová to produce by hand in her studio. 3D printing in precious metals is ideal for jewelry designers and Shapeways now offer silver as an option.

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