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3D Printers for Peace Contest to Raise Positive Vibes

| News, RepRap | May 29, 2013

3D Printed Liberator Gun Parts

3D printers can also be a force for good

Michigan Tech has launched the “3D Printers for Peace” competition to show that this technology can change the world, for good. As most people only know about 3D printers through the press that has been generated from the 3D printed gun created by Defense Distributed.

To try and improve the public’s perception of the technology by demonstrating the world-changing positives that it can bring, the contest asks “what Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, or Ghandi would make if they had access to 3D printeing?”.

The contest’s parameters have deliberately been left wide open so that entrants to use their imagination to create 3D printed things that could improve peoples lives. They have suggested some potential projects:

  • low-cost medical devices
  • tools to help pull people out of poverty
  • designs that can reduce racial conflict
  • objects to improve energy efficiency or renewable energy sources to reduce wars over oil
  • tools that would reduce military conflict and spending while making us all safer and more secure
  • things that boost sustainable economic development (e.g. designs for appropriate technology in the developing world to reduce scarcity)

The contest runs until September 1st and entries must be capable of being printed on a RepRap os similar open-source FDM printer. The entries will be judged on the their technical viability of printing, the design solution and inventiveness, its peace considerations, its feasibility and concept validation and presentation.

The three judges will be from the Michigan Tech faculty; Joshua Pearce, John Irwin and Doug Opplinger and entrants are asked to post their entries onto ThingiVerse. The winners will be announced on Sept. 4th and first prize will receive a fully-assembled Type A Machines Series 1 3D Printer, 2nd prize is Michigan Tech’s MOST version of the RepRap Prusa printer and 3rd place gets a sampler pack of 3D printer materials from MatterHackers.

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