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3D Printed Nixie Tube Clock is a Step Back in Time

| 3D Printers, Consumer Electronics, RepRap | May 16, 2013

3D Printed Nixie Tube Clock Case

The Nixie clock uses display tube technology from the time of the space race

If you like clocks and older technologies then this 3D printed Nixie tube clock is for you. Nixie tubes are filled with neon and glow when current is passed through a digit shaped filament.

Thingiverse user mouserunner decided to 3D print his own case for the Nixie clock kit he bought off eBay rather than buy a laser cut case.

Long before LEDs and LCDs were invented the Nixie tube reigned supreme as a way of displaying numerical information in scientific instruments and other electronic devices. Look back at any NASA control room photos from the 60′s and you’ll likely see some nixie tube displays showing vital information for the moon landings.

These days Nixie tubes are being used to create cool looking clocks with many DIY kits and pre-built clocks available to buy on the internet. The particular kit used for this clock is produced by PV Electronics in the United Kingdom and uses four IN-14 Nixie tubes (not included).

3D Design Nixie Clock Case

The 3D printed Nixie clock case design is available on Thingiverse

mouserunner created the case’s 3D design using TinkerCAD and printed the parts in clear ABS using his RepRap Pro Mendel 3D printer. With a 0.3 layer height and 100% the case is see-through so that the electronics of the clock can be partially visible.

3D Printed Nixie Clock Nighttime

The Nixie tube digits look firey in darkness

After the case holes for the Nixie tubes were adjusted to take into account the varying diameters of the tubes the case screwed together with some cap head screws.

The Nixie Tube clock kit can be found
and the 3D plans for the case here

This particular Nixie clock kit has some cool visual effects which can be seen in the video below:

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