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3D Printed Legend of Zelda Items Available on Shapeways

| 3D Printer Material, Model Making, Shapeways, Toy Making | May 16, 2013

3D Printed Zelda Items

The full complement of quest items can be printed

A Legend of Zelda fan has modeled the game’s quest items from the original game so they can be 3D printed using the Shapeways service. 3D printers are ideal for these types of custom products which have a limited production run and would also be difficult to bring to market with other manufacturing methods.

The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy adventure game series first developed in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and has spawned 16 games that have sold over 65 million copies worldwide. Set in the fantasy land of Hyrule the player must help the main character called Link in his quest to rescue the Princess Zelda from the antagonist Ganon. The series’ popularity has created a loyal and die-hard fanbase, one of whom, HyruleFoundry, has created this unique 3D printed fan art.

HyruleFoundry is documenting his efforts to create all of the game’s items through his blog. He describes his arduous quest in detailed prose:

“I selected my 3D modeling software, and reviewed the Full Color Sandstone material guidelines. My quest had begun. After hour upon hour, day after day of staring at my computer endlessly clicking and shaping I was about half done. But I couldn’t stop now halfway through. A little break to play the game of my inspiration and then back to work click by click until there it was rendered and ready to 3D print.”

3D Printed Zelda Sword

The fabled magical sword

The items are 3D printed using Shapeway’s Full Color Sandstone material giving the items a realistic computer game-ish visual appearance. However, the arrows are too small to be printed in the full color Sandstone material and have to be printed in Frosted Ultra Detail, White Strong or Flexible Plastic.

The full collection of 32 items is available for $320, with smaller collections of related items varying in price from $65 to $122. Single Zelda items cost around $10 for those users who want to take their time in discovering the items, just like when playing the actual game.

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