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360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount Gives 360° Photos &amp Video

| Consumer Electronics, News, Stratasys | May 31, 2013

360Heros 3D Printed GoPro Mount

the 360Heros can hold up to six GoPro's giving a 360° field of vision

A New York inventor has created the 360Heros Plug & Play mount which could revolutionize photography, or at least produce some interesting shots. Michael Kintner designed the 360Heros to hold up to six GoPro cameras which can be turned on and off by wireless remove control, making it capable of capturing full, spherical 360-degree HD photos and video.

The 3DHeros Plug & Play Holder is 3D printed from aircraft grade nylon which is flexible, durable and waterproof. No screws or any other fasteners are used, and it’s 3D printed in one complete piece. The GoPros snap into place using flexible tabs and is lightweight at only 1.5lbs (700g), making it suitable for attaching to tripods and be suspended from remote controlled helicopeters.

There are six models available and prices start at $345 for the 360H6 model, although the GoPro HD cameras must be bought separately. The H6 model can be used in any weather conditions as the cameras are protected giving it the ability to shoot 360-degree video in bad or harsh weather conditions. The HC Pro6 features a WiFi wireless remote to turn cameras on and off. The HC Pro6N can be mounted on a helmet or flat surface like the top of a car. The HC Pro7 and 7HD are just like the Pro 6N but also feature a camera holder on the underneath, which allows users to create the full 360-degree spherical view from a wider range of positions.

360Heros Inventor

Inventor Michael Kintner is captured in this 360 degree photo

“Using our new 360 Plug & Play holder it allows you to use GoPro cameras and produce amazing 360 interactive videos. Our Plug & Play holders are 3D-printed in an ultra high-resolution craft-grade flexible nylon making it extremely strong. Our unique designs give the ability to easily plug and play your GoPro cameras on the fly.” , Kitner said: ‘We don’t worry about each camera being absolutely synced at the point of recording.”

Kintner produced the first models using a Stratasys CubeX 3D printer and refined the design to produce the final versions that you see now. 360-degree photography has only become a realistic possibility because of the improvements in cameras, stitching software and display technologies which has been brought together by the 360Heros project.

360Heros Bare Mount

The 360Heros is 3D printed in one piece of nylon

360Heros has now launched a Kickstarter project with the aim of raising $75,000 by the 28th June. The 360Heros team hope to use the funds to develop a professional video tutoria series on using the different models of GoPro holders and also help his team finish the development of the hardware needed for underwater devices.

The 360Heros has already been used in various video and photo projects including the filming of a Chris Milk show, skiing in Oregon, hand gliding over Santa Barbara and filming a Beck gig from the viewpoint of the artist.

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