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The $200 MakiBOX is the World’s Cheapest 3D Printer :Video

| 3D Printers | April 4, 2013

The MakiBox from Makible is the world’s cheapest 3D printer, costing only $200. Makible, based in Hong Kong, was founded two years ago by Jon Buford with $50,000 in seed funding and have grown to now have over $500K in pre-orders.

In this Bloomberg report Mia Saini hears how Jon spend around a year in research and development that has led his company to boost sales to a projected $3 – $5 million for 2013.

The basic MakiBox A6LT prints in PLA onto a frosted acrylic print bed, with a heated stainless steel print bed costing a $100 more for the A6HT version. Both the A6LT and A6HT are enclosed in an acrylic case, but the top of the range A6HT Stainless comes in a stailess steel enclosure.

Although the MakiBot is a quater of the size of most 3D printers it can print out parts as large as 110mm x 150mm x 90mm, with a resolution of 0.04mm. The MakiBot is supplied in kit form, complete with the electronics (with MakiBox firmware), 4 stepper motors and 0.5Kg of PLA filament.

Hong Kong is attracting startups like Makible as willing investors there are lining up to help tech companies achieve their goals and bring their products to market.

MakiBot A6LT 3D Printer

The MakiBot is offered in four versions, with a starting price of $200

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