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Star Trek-Like Scanner Creates 3D Models in Real Time

| 3D Scanners | April 23, 2013

Go!Scan 3D Portable Scanner

The user waves the Go!Scan 3D around the subject to grab the 3D data

One of the biggest issues with 3D printing is the learning curve associated with creating your own models using CAD software to send to your 3D printer. But here’s a cool Star Trek-like 3D scanner that will help you create a 3D model and it works by simply being moved around the object while holding its trigger.

The GO!Scan 3D scanner looks like some sort of futuristic phaser weapon but it is ultimately harmless. After pressing the trigger it flashes bursts of light from its multiple LEDs and as it’s moved across the object it builds a 3D model in real time. It is the fastest 3D scanner on the market, up to 10x faster than others, and still provides an accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

The GO!Scan 3D costs a hefty $25K so this scanner isn’t really aimed at the home user using a RepRap printer. It does look like a lot of fun to use, as is shown in this video from DVice.

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