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RigidBot 3D Printer Has Big Hopes Against the Replicator 2

| 3D Printers, MakerBot, News, RepRap | April 1, 2013

RigidBot 3D Printer

The RigidBot performs as well as 3D printers 3 times the price

The RigidBot is the latest in a line of Kickstarter 3D printer projects that are grabbing people’s attention. We’ve already seem the 3Doodler raise over $2 million, and already the Rigidbot has received over $250,000 in funding after only a few days.

So why should this 3D printer project pique our interest? Well, it’s the first fully expandable printer that can be increased in size in all 3 dimensions. It will be available in two versions, the standard RigidBot has a 10 x 10 x 10 inch build volume and the RigidBot BIG will have a huge 12 x 16 x 10 inch build size.

The RigidBot was designed by Michael Lundwall from Provo Utah and is based on the RepRap 3D printer.

“Using the injection molded plastic joints, you can adjust the size by swapping out the metal bars with longer or shorter ones.” says Lundwall.

Lundwall is also touting the RigidBot to be a better buy than the MakerBot Replicator 2, the current leader of the prosumer machines. Print resolution wise, the RigidBot easily outperforms the Replicator 2 easily on it’s medium and low setting, and is only matched on the highest setting (100 microns).

RigidBot Spec Sheet

The ReigidBot outperforms the Replicator 2

RigidBot Big Spec Sheet

The RigidBot BIG has almost 5 times the build volume

As can be seen in the above specification details for both printers the RigidBot not only has a better resolution, it also has a much larger build volume; 1000 ci for the standard RigidBot and 1920 ci for the BIG, compared to the Replicator 2′s paltry 410 ci.

When the pricing is taken into account the winner is clear to see. The RigidBot BIG is $899, compared to the Replicator 2 at a whopping $2,100. The RigidBot is also available in kit form which can be assembled at home and after a little calibration is ready for action.

With the plethora of DIY entry level 3D printers available at the moment it’s hard to know which ones will survive in a marketplace that’s becoming more overcrowded every week. However, the RigidBot’s high resolution and print volume may set it apart from its competitors.

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