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Play-Doh 3D Printer is a Hoax..Nooooooooooooo

| 3D Printers, News, Toy Making | April 3, 2013

Play Doh 3D Printer is a Hoax

Play-Doh turns out to be Play-NO

The most eagerly anticipated 3D printer in the history of the world has turned out to be a hoax. The Play-Doh 3D printer appeared on ThinkGeek on April 1st, which should have given everyone a clue. News of this awesome piece of technology spread around the 3D printing blogosphere, and most were fooled.

For sale at an astonishingly acceptable price of  $49.99 it offered iPad connectivity that allowed your young budding industrialist to easily design his or her product and send it to print wirelessly.

“Your Kid’s first 3D printer!”, Play-Doh marketing dept. (may not be actually true)

It comes with 3 tubs of brightly colored Play-Doh that sit atop the the machine and a hand crank drips the Doh material onto a conveyor belt. Extreme hand-cranking accuracy seems to be required to get the quality results shown for the R2-D2 model shown on the packaging.

Play Doh 3D Printer iPad

Print straight from an iPad

Like countless geek kids across the world we are bitterly disappointed that this is an April Fools joke, all be it an awesome one, and we only hope that Hasbro stop everything else they are doing and develop it for real, immediately.

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