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Open Source 3D Printed RC Car Speeds Ahead

| Model Making, Toy Making | April 10, 2013

Truggy 3D Printed Radio Controlled Car

Tje Truggy is an open-source 3D printed RC design

Low cost home desktop 3D printers are helping hobbyists to explore their design and engineering ideas in their chosen field of interest. Daniel Noree from Sweden has designed an open-source radio-controlled car which he calls the Truggy, which is an off-road vehicle.

The Truggy’s chassis, steering and suspension parts have been designed in TopSolid 7 and 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator. The vehicle is 1:10 scale and utilizes standard radio, motors and servos which can be used to create a working RC car. Daniel is continually modifying his design and has already improved the suspension wishbones and steering design; and as the design is open-source he is encouraging anyone with a 3D printer to make and test their own modifications.

Truggy Steering Detail

The open-source design encourages fellow-hobbyists to improve the design

Not all of the parts are 3D printable and the following standard RC parts have to be sourced elsewhere; shocks (x4), tires (x4), CVD drive shafts (x4), bearings (x18) and a multitude of screws to fix it all together.

The 3D files are available here and Daniel has kept the design basic so that others can load it into their own CAD software and make modifications. The following video shows how the RC car was designed and you can keep up to date, or join in, with the project’s discussion on Google +

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