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Eco-Roadster Uses 3D Printing Technology from VoxelJet

| 3D Printer Material | April 18, 2013

Imperia GP Roadster

The Imperia GP Roadster uses a custom gear unit made with 3D printing technology

When thinking of cutting edge sports car technology, one doesn’t immediately think of Belgium. But Luttich-based Green Propulsion have resurrected Belgian auto brand Imperia to adorn their latest hybird vehicle. The Imperia GP Roadster accelerates from 0-60mph in four seconds and is powered by a 350HP hybrid engine.

The roadster’s green credentials are enhanced with low levels of CO2 emissions, just 50 grams per kilometer, from its 200HP 1.6 litre turbo gas engine combined with a 150HP electric motor.

Way back in 1907 Imperia produced a vehicle with a fuel-electric motor, but the GP Roadster features completely modern drivetrain technology and is produced with the help of the most modern of manufacturing processed, 3D printing.

VoxelJet 3D Printed Gearbox Casing Mold

The gear unit's casing is cast using a 3D printed sand mold

VoxelJet 3D Printed Sand Mold

After 3D printing of the mold

To combine the output from both power systems a special drivetrain was designed, including a gear unit with 4×2 gears.

Most automobile manufacturers source a transmission from companies such as Getrag or Xtrac, but nothing was available that fitted the Imperia’s requirements.

Hence Imperia’s designers joined forces with French foundry Sicta who specialize in the production of aluminum die casting prototypes. They used a VoxelJet 3D printer to produce the sand molds for a prototype gear unit within only a few days.

The quality of the molds met everyone’s expectations and Sicta were able to supply the first gearboxes for the Imperia GP Roadster only three weeks after receiving the order.

Imperia GP Roadster Gearbox Casting

The Roadsters gearbox castings were produced in record time



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